How can you win big at Customer Satisfaction with Survicate and HubSpot Integration?

Customer Satisfaction

Hubspot is meant for inbound marketing and sales purposes. The software’s sole purpose is to attract the visitors, lead transformation and finally closing the deals. Long gone those days of marketing of contacting or making purchases. The ease with which it provides the tracking and selling of goods has no match.

The Survicate is developed on the basis of feedbacks. The surveillance is done on the basis of collected facts and figures. This is the fastest way to grab feedback from customers. To know the customers perfectly in the same manner as they do like: what there is on their deluded brains, what the heck they are and why they behave as they do.

HubSpot and Survicate are different tools with some similarities and are developed with a motive to serve the customers in the best possible way. The Hubspot Integration with Survicate has drawn useful and desired results which have made their global reach a big success. There are many businesses who work in sheer collaboration with HubSpot, one of them being Webdew. It  is accredited as HubSpot Gold Agency Partner and excels in providing effective integration services (of any tool) with HubSpot. CSAT survey ask customers how satisfied they were with a particular experience or interaction with your business.

Now let’s dive into the ways that how the match of both can drive user’s and customer’s contentment.

5 Ways for the Win

Few steps to enhance the customer experience to have a satisfactory response.

1. One can Witness Real Time Experience of the Services

Some Services of the Integration:

  1. Turn number of leads with Surveys: From the point of view of an inbound marketer, we frequently convert the unknowns into the promoters and customers at your feet. The service provides you the insight of how you can turn and delight the customers when there’s the scarcity of them. This results in gaining more number of leads.
  2. Gaze the Numbers spike with Novice more Leads into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs): Making use of the template library, one can formulate the precedent (custom) and name-friendly surveys in no time. When the visitors hop onto you at ‘buy your products’ buzz them, while they are seeing a pricing range. Have a content preferred survey embedded in their email, the moment the ebook is downloaded. Cultivate the lead profiles, make automated workflows or numeric leads based on replies, all this with the survey insights.
  3. Hand over the rope into Customer Hands: Sometimes it’s delightful to have another person’s opinion. The review of the other party can decor the whole perspective from both the ends. This will not waste your efforts put in the conversion of the leads. Take the advantage of Survicate NPS to audit the user’s sentiments and use promoters by bespeaking them in gauge in marketing campaigns. One can even sum the CSAT and fire the alerts notifying account managers when the clients’ experience is not satisfactory or not been ideal.
  4. The Praise from the Integration: The assimilation totes advanced scrutinized functionality on top of HubSpot’s software stack, covering the big bracket of question forms, jump over the logic features, multi-language support. To communicate through emails, websites, or phone applications, the service provides with immense tools and have a glance of replies as contact properties within the HubSpot.

2. Reduces the Customer Churn Rate

What is customer churn?

Whenever a particular ceases the relationship with the firm, is called customer churn. All the online companies, as a rule, gratify the customer as churned, the moment the chunk of a range of time is surpassed, since the user’s last synergy (interaction) with the service. The sum total cost involves both lost revenue as well as the marketing tariffs.

There’s an intense need of reducing the customer churn!

Predict the Churn

To make heuristics regarding the customer’s churn who is at high risk, so that a firm can commence the loss, proves to be a lump step on the company’s behalf. It’s very obvious how much a business invests in one customer.

The loss is not only financial but also affect the work progress of the individual. The new customer will spend his time and labor in understanding the efforts applied by the previous customer. So resulting in time loss too.

So it’s better to predict the churn before it even happens and loses the satisfaction of the client as well as of the firm, disrupting the beam-balance of revenue plus relationships.

Run the ‘CHURN ANALYSIS/CHURN PREDICTION.’ The integration provides a facility for doing this type of prediction which should be one of the top priorities. Using statistical and Machine Learning techniques one can easily predict the churn rate. This accounts historical as well as behavioral data to look forward to the heuristics of probabilities of customer churn.

Reduce Churn with Targeted Proactive Retention

So to accomplish the milestone one must:

  1. Have a prediction of the customers who are going to churn, in advance.
  2. Figure it out, which retailing actions produce the greatest retention impact.

In real time it’s way more difficult to do proactive retention. The goal seems to be unachievable.

Better approaches to tackle the Predicting Customer Churn

It will be more effective if a customer’s lifetime value (LTV) is measured precisely. The LTV predicting technology is based on advanced academic research. The procedure involves the combination of micro-segmentation, plus unique mathematical intensive predictive behavior modeling system.

It’s better to have prevent customer value abrasion too. The abrasion says that it provides early warnings in regard to the customers whose LTV falls substantially while the current period, even if they are active and perhaps not abandon the link or relationship.

3. Integration Delivers Desired End Results

The complete package of surveillance with HubSpot.

> Retrieve the feeds from the customers and leads too.

> The Contact Properties show the answers in HubSpot.

The survey embedding in HubSpot email campaigns can get you:

> All the answers are accordingly knot to the addresses of the recipients.

> The in-depth research and enhancement of the Net Promoter Score®.

> Seek for the customer’s needs and their characteristics.

Make use of questionnaires to have in-depth Customer Feedback:

> Post links on the customer’s through email, social media, messengers, or keep it in articles.

> Execute advanced customer development surveys.

Analyze both Existing plus Potential Customers:

>  Pull the trigger of camouflaged and targeted surveys to collect insights.

> Apply advanced targeting means to outreach the precise bands of visitors and gather the feeds.

> Without gated material imply lead forms to formulate more leads.

Assets are boundless

> Personas of your buyers are rapidly validated.

> Generate more leads and sales processes effectively and at better acceleration.

> Partition the customers on the basis of Net Promoter Score

> Turn the visitors into leads using smart lead forms

> Generate the content meant to deliver the needs of existing and potential customers.

4. Integration can analyze and Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score is an inequality equation whose ‘x’ ranges from -100 to 100. Simply saying that it measures the wills of customers which are intervened in the integration. Net Promoter Score is extremely useful for the customers who fall in the category of ‘Detractors.’

Basically, NPS follows the prototype of open ended, supplementary queries which. The reason for opting NPS score is that the detractors not only spoil their relationship but also 15 other new customers with whom they interact further.

The opinions of these detractors to new 15 firms’ customers disrupts the foundations. They can put to an end the services or products of one company to the other companies. So to get a better insight of these detractors make use of the integration survey tool like Survicate.

The integration helps in converting the negative feedback into positive ones. All and every effort is put to turn or convert the detractors and passives into promoters.

Some other honorable mentions of tools that can fuel up the procedure of analysis, are in the figure below.

Comparison of Mostly used NPS (Tools):


Comparison of Mostly used NPS (Tools):

5. HubSpot and Survicate Integration is Easy to Apply

When there’s a talk about the comfort and ease the integration has no match so far. The tool is way too easy to use. Simple surveillance tool integrated with HubSpot that allows the data to be collected and finally surpass it to the intercom for the better user experience or customer satisfaction.

Considering the usage of HubSpot features wrapped with the Survicate survey tool outperforms, as it allows you to build simple surveys for the better analysis and robust responses towards the customer. The integration helps to use the data effectively in Intercom to target more CRM campaigns.

Offers helpful support, the perfect way to collect the feedback swiftly. The operations performed on the integration does not make it bloated. This implies a straightforward creation of the processes involved, making smooth for new customers to lay the foundation of customer experiences. This contends the investments as well as the minds of every client.

Not at all a hectic task since the managing and designing profiles of responses move with the flow of both the parties’ psychics. The outcomes can be vell audit from the easily made available Excel downloads. Again thanks to the integration of HubSpot with Survicate.

The integration has enormously impacted the businesses to grow indefinitely on the positive graph. These are the firms who withhold SaaS service turning fortunes of better and firm relationships from the feedback collected.

The Final Words

So in a nutshell, the thing is that to improve the customer experience, and to take one step ahead to enhance theIs AI a Threat to Cybersecurity or a Solution to it relationship with the users to increase the productivity of the firm or a business, the HubSpot and Survicate coalition throws out of the pavilion, every other possibility.

The coalition gives you a wide aura for sensing the client’s’ thoughts. Further, the analysis and the predictions serve the probabilities of the possibilities of the churn. Taking a leap of faith, the ease and comfort of the integration outcasts it.

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