Why You Need To Prepare Website For A Voice Search Revolution?

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If we had been talking about the introduction of web and smartphones a few decades back, it would have been considered to be an unintelligent topic to talk about. But let’s look at the present trends, the web has grown fiercely giving space to more than 200 million websites on the web (numbers are still on the rise). Moreover, the increasing demand for digital marketing services such as SEO, lead to a change of focus towards everything that can bring a website on top of SERPs. Just like that, the concept of voice search optimized has captured the entire internet and smart devices within a decade of its introduction in 2009. However, the need and the potential of voice search is still something to be unraveled, but still, a massive population of young adults and teens are taking complete benefit of voice search. The voice search revolution refers to the increasing prevalence and impact of voice-activated technologies in search engines, virtual assistants, and other applications.

What Is Voice Search?

Nowadays, from Google Assistant to Apple Siri, people prefer to speak rather than typing their queries online. This truly makes sense as it is much easier to speak the query than typing to generate the required results. One can easily find the great examples of voice searches such as voice-dialing and speech-to-text to count on its benefits and efficiency.

As of now, when every device introduced in the market is optimized for voice search, it is also crucial to prepare the websites for voice search revolution. According to the research, it is said that by the year 2020, 30% of the web voice searches will be carried out without a screen. Now you might be thinking that how it will possible? It is known that voice search offers the users to browse their queries without scrolling the websites on the screens. This trending technology will lead to successful businesses in the future placing them at the top of the SERPs and offering better ROI.

What Is The Need For Voice Search Optimization?

According to the CEO of Google, in the year 2016, the ratio of one-fifth searched queries were voice-based and this number is increasing at a rapid pace. The regular introduction of new digital assistants will surely give rise to a whole new level of voice search technology in the coming years.

The fact why voice search is more appealing to the users is its simplicity. There has been no time when the users searched their queries and weren’t satisfied with the shown results. However, there might be certain chances where they needed to shuffle their search around to achieve the exact results. But voice search has removed this step also by focusing more on conversational speech rather than the typing option.

These are the facts possessed by the voice assistants on the basis of which many researchers are predicting that 50% of the searches will be voice-based by the year 2020. And this is the only reason why all the SEO professionals and business owners need to adapt this trending technology along with other marketing strategies to stand out in the competition.

How Voice Search Influence SEO Rankings?

With the drastic growth of Voice Search, all the search engines like Google, Yahoo are accentuating more on voice search optimized websites. After all, the goals of SEO is to rank the website on top of SERPs so that users are able to find the appropriate information as per their queries and of course, user satisfaction is the foremost priority of the SEO too.

But the fact that voice-based SEO and traditional website SEO is totally different that cannot be neglected. Therefore, most of the SEO strategies that work amazingly for websites ranking might not take yours at the top of search results and oppositely.

Tips To Achieve Voice Search Optimized Website Goals

Whenever the user enters a voice-based query, they expect the completion of every action whether it’s about buying a product, playing any video or a piece of information on a specific topic. But besides the traditional and voice-based intentions, Google uses similar algorithms for placing the websites on the search results. Let us talk about some essential tactics you must consider to improve the ranking of your website no matter it is for voice search optimized website or for a traditional one.

1. Ensure Website Loading Speed

As we talked earlier also, no matter the website is being optimized for traditional SEO or for voice search, Google prefers the websites with fast loading speed. According to Google, if the website takes more than 3 to 5 seconds to load then users are more likely to switch to other websites that further increase the bounce rate.

So, ensure your website is responsive and everything from images, videos to audios are optimized. Wholly design a mobile-optimized website to offer great user experience improving the ranking on the Google search results.

2. Write What You Speak

All of us as the users search queries with the help of short phrases. For instance, if you want to search a great SEO executive then you will type it as “ top SEO companies”. But using the voice search, you’ll convey the query as “ List of top SEO companies in the world.”

So, to ensure the content on your website is also voice search optimized then include long tail keywords that look more natural, fulfills the user’s requirements, and perform well in every type of SEO.

No matter what type of business you own, writing overly technical content is not a good idea. Keep the answers clear and easy for the readers to understand rather than filling your website with unusual and irrelevant information. Moreover, most of voice search results consist of the content of the 9th Grade level. But this does not mean to dumb down your website. Keep the quality high but break down in a way that is easy for others to grasp. One more important thing to keep in mind is that short phrases might be easy to understand but long-form content works better in ranking the website on the top of search listings. So, aim to reach a digital marketing company in chandigarh which can get you a website that lands with the content length of approximately 2000 words ensuring full functionality and responsiveness.

3. Make Use of Featured Snippets

Everybody knows that short and precise answers work well but what is the guarantee that Google will identify the content and place it on the search results for the user’s queries?

Here, of course, you’ll need to create featured snippets! But do you know what actually featured snippets are? This known as answer box or position zero is a format that provides the readers with precise and direct answers to their searches. In desktop search results, you can see these featured snippets appearing after the paid ads but right before the regular search results. So, create clear content and keep the website updated as Google wants to provide the users with the best answers only.

However, to optimize your content for featured snippets make sure to add the summary of your content within the limit of 29 words as this is considered the average voice search result word length. Moreover, the sections that use numberings, bullet points, H-tags are more easy for Google to read and rank them well. In addition, including the long tail keywords in your featured snippets can work even better for your website’s ranking.

4. Focus On Local Searches

According to research, about 22% of voice searches are location-based. Nowadays, people are looking for what is available nearby so the more specific you’ll get with your keywords targeting the local audience the more likely they will find you. Moreover, every business from small, mid to large ones have higher chances of great exposure and producing conversational answers if they invest in local content.

In addition, keep your GMB page updated as not only the webpage content but these informative page results also serves the purpose.

Despite the ever-growing importance of SEO tactics, every startup, big organizations, and local businesses need to invest in voice search optimization as it improves brand awareness and ROI. Optimize your website for voice search to stay ahead of your competition and experience strong search rankings that will take your brand on new heights in the long run. But remember, voice search might be gaining popularity and will continue to grow but general SEO tactics and Google algorithms of ranking the websites on search results will remain the same.

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