Why Hire a MEAN Stack Developer for your Next Project

MEAN Stack Developer

In this evolving & constantly emerging world, Web development is prevalent to use new technologies to make the outcome valuable and meet expectations. This is why the company makes a move toward its success. Companies are rushing to Hire MEAN Stack Developers for web development and cloud-based apps.

MEAN is a full JavaScript stack that is often utilised for cloud-ready apps. It helps companies to understand how it helps understanding the different components can all help you maximise the benefits of MEAN for web and application development.  

What is the MEAN Stack?

MEAN stacks is a full-stack JavaScript-based web development solution. 

Abbreviated of MEAN, backend runtime environments are 

  1. MongoDB, Database System, 
  2. ExpressJS, Back-end web framework, 
  3. AngularJS, Front-end framework, 
  4. NodeJS  

Using its robust design principles, such as Model View Control, the proficient MEAN stack has provided new methods for constructing scalable online apps (MVC).

Components of Mean Stack 

Here’s a brief about all the components of Mean Stack. 

1. MongoDB:

MongoDB is one of the excellent Database tools for backend applications since it is a scalable and versatile platform. It is an open-source and cross-platform architecture based on documents rather than tables and rows. It can also manage a large volume of data with ease.

2. Express.js:

Express.Js is used to create modular web applications that run on Node.js. It is a simple and adaptable JavaScript-based server-side framework. Express.Js streamlines the development process by allowing developers to create safe, modular, and quicker online apps. It also has several capabilities for online and mobile apps. 

3. AngularJS:

AngularJS is a front-end web framework with an MVC architecture that uses Ajax methods and is written in Javascript. Hire Angularjs Developer who has the efficiency in developing single-page dynamic web applications quickly. This framework also features a modular structure, which streamlines development and testing and makes it very scalable.

4. Node.js: 

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform Javascript environment for JS application backend implementation. It is based on Chrome’s V8 engine and is intended to develop complicated network apps and platforms. It also operates as a runtime application.Hire NodeJs Developers from Nimap Infotech to accomplish your projects done On-Time along with weekly updates.  

Why Do Developers Choose Mean Stack?

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of employing MEAN stack engineers for your next project.  


Hiring an offshore MEAN-Stack developer is the most dependable alternative for a product company looking to produce durable and reliable solutions. Furthermore, because the components are free and may operate on any server, the deployment cost for apps employing MEAN Stack is lower. 

Capability to Provide App Performance: 

Node.js is a key component of the MEAN Stack, which is utilised for the Development Framework and assures applications function well. MEAN Stack developers use this framework to create dynamic websites and applications with high-end outcomes. Node.js development is simple to learn and produces better outcomes than alternative programming languages such as Ruby, Python, and PHP.  

Excellent Understanding:

Certified MEAN-Stack engineers with extensive expertise improve the usability of your online project. They are always upgrading themselves with the most recent technological breakthroughs. Furthermore, they incorporate smart elements into the project to ensure that their clients receive the greatest responsive and engaging website. 

Extensive Knowledge:

MEAN-Stack developers often have substantial expertise working on projects across several disciplines. And this exposure enables them to develop skills in understanding project requirements and developing distinctive solutions. Their insights are crucial in exploiting great performance and optimising product market acceptability.

Cloud Compatibility:

The MEAN Stack framework uses modules, library functions, and various public repositories during the web development process. This useful and cost-effective feature decreases storage space and device acquisition expenses. It allows offshore developers to build sophisticated cloud apps preserved in the MongoDB database management system.    

Quick Switching:

MEAN is simple to implement since it is written in a single language. As a result, switching between client and server is simple. For example, utilising Node.js as the web server eliminates the requirement for a LAMP stack or Apache. More specifically, it enables full-stack developers to deploy applications directly on the server without needing a separate server.

Global Community Help: 

MongoDB is a well-known NoSQL database service provider. The top eight hosting services in the world natively support Node.js. AngularJS is supported by well-known companies such as Google. 

In addition, MEAN Stack provides sophisticated functionality in web development apps. Traditional web apps, for example, would require a page refresh. In such a case, MEAN Stack extensively uses single-page apps, reducing the frequency with which web pages are refreshed. As a result, its extensive features make it more popular among enterprises and developers. 

How To Hire A Mean Stack Developer For Your Next Project?

After exploring the many possibilities for hiring MEAN stack Engineers, it’s time to consider the procedure. You see, there are various considerations while hiring MEAN Stack engineers. Such topics will be covered in this section. 

When hiring developers, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

  1. Their previous work.
  2. Previous Clients’ Testimonials.
  3. Previous project performance.
  4. Portfolio, Communication, Experience.
  5. The team’s size.

Nimap Infotech has a dynamic team of developers to satisfy your requirements. Here are few benefits, Nimap offers 

  • Hire Developer within one hour 
  • Easy On-Boarding
  • No developerbackout
  • 40 hr risk-free trial
  • Wide IT domain expertise
  • On-Time Project Deliverables and weekly updates 
  • Dedicated Project Manager


The MEAN stack is one of the most widely used development stacks. There is also a significant level of client demand for it. However, other factors must be considered before hiring a MEAN stack developer.  

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