WhatsApp Web: Meaning And Advantages

WhatsApp Web

Do you know what WhatsApp Web is and how to download, install and use it? It is very common to use the WhatsApp Messenger app on mobile phones, but not the desktop version. It is one of the leading platforms for mobile internet messaging, yet there are still many people who do not know this facet of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Messenger is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but today you will discover some of the virtues of its web version. Besides being a perfect way to send free messages to anyone comfortably from your PC or laptop (either Windows or Mac), it is also beneficial from a business perspective (with WhatsApp Business). It offers a window to have a customer service channel where you can be in direct contact with your current customers and potential customers during working hours (it is already possible to implement it in many online store software).

This application for PC is also a perfect way to manage your WhatsApp groups quickly. By having the keyboard at your disposal, you can write faster and send files by dragging them directly to the program window.

What is WhatsApp Web and what is it used for?

WhatsApp Inc. was founded in 2009 by Jan Koum who had previously been the director of the Yahoo! platform operations team and the former head of Brian Acton’s engineering team. Originally, WhatsApp was an “intelligent” agenda utility where you could see what each person was doing, knowing if they were available to speak or if it was better to contact them at another time through SMS, etc. in the form of programming specific states at certain times.

Unlike other communication applications such as MSN or AOL, it directly uses the information in the user’s contact book, avoiding the creation of a username and password manually. It was originally an application for BlackBerry devices and later, for Android and iPhone. In 2014 it was bought Mark Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook). 1 year later, in 2015, WhatsApp Web was launched, which allows using WhatsApp on any computer or laptop, synchronizing the phone with it using a QR code.

WhatsApp Web is an extension of that WhatsApp, a web version compatible with computers and laptops through any browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.), regardless of whether you use Windows or Mac as the operating system.

Advantages for the user to use the web version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Web has many benefits. Some of the most outstanding are logical. When typing on a keyboard, you will have longer and faster conversations (typing is faster on a keyboard than on a mobile phone) with your close friends, customers, and other contacts, without the need to take your eyes off the screen of your computer. The fact that you use a computer will result in more comfort. Other benefits for which this service has become so popular include:

  • Write faster: By having a physical keyboard, you can use more fingers. You can write longer texts in less time. Let’s suppose that you are a person who is in contact with many clients and the WhatsApp app has already become a tool in your professional life. If you had to answer many contacts at the same time with elaborate texts, what resources would you prefer to have – a computer keyboard or a mobile phone? If your answer is the first option, WhatsApp Web is for you.
  • Less margin for grammatical and orthographic errors: Although, having a keyboard allows you to write faster, that does not mean that the text will be free of grammatical and spelling errors. To make your daily conversations look much better to your contacts, you must be very careful with your grammar and spelling. These errors can sometimes lead to misunderstandings that you want to avoid at all costs, for which WhatsApp has an auto-corrector.
  • More memory for sending files: On the WhatsApp app for smartphones, there is a more limited storage size compared to WhatsApp web. If both users are connected to WhatsApp Web, the capacity of sending increases considerably (for all types of files, from videos to PDF documents) and it will be easier to transfer large amounts of data. WhatsApp Web allows you to drag the files from the file browser to the conversation of the contact (drag and drop style), where you can send it once it loads.
  • Direct notifications on the computer screen: Thanks to the WhatsApp web service, you will not have to watch two screens while you are working (notifications arrive directly while you use your computer). You can configure it to notify you directly on the taskbar using the respective arrival sound for texts and voice notes. It is a great benefit, especially when you are in the middle of a meaningful conversation and you want to maintain your work routine.
  • Optimization and quality of customer service: To customers and members of a workgroup, you have to give them continuous (and proper) treatment. There are many people who, if you give them the chance, will prefer to communicate with you via WhatsApp than through a phone call. Having WhatsApp Web as a customer service channel means not having to invest money on a channel that requires payment, and you will be able to implement it on your website, blog or online store to serve your users.
  • It is a good option if you have little available battery: If you are running out of battery on your mobile phone and you need to charge it, then using WhatsApp app can be uncomfortable. WhatsApp Web provides an alternative for you. You can meet with top app development companies for tools that will enable you to take full advantage of WhatsApp web.
  • It is one of the most used messaging services: Many users have chosen WhatsApp as their primary daily messaging option. It has becomes so popular that it is almost essential to put it to work.

There are other benefits that you can enjoy when you install WhatsApp web. You can meet with top app development companies whenever you want an app that is similar to WhatsApp.

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