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WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms used by Android and iPhone users alike. Millions of people use the platform for chatting and sharing images, documents, and other content. Taking screenshots of the chats and conversations is one of the common practices followed by users to keep a record of the chat, share it with someone, or for other purposes. So, if you too want to take a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat or an entire conversation and are worried does WhatsApp notify screenshots, you can be relieved as the answer is no. Go through all the details related to WhatsApp screenshot notifications in the following parts of the topic.

Part 1. Does WhatsApp Notify If You Take A Screenshot

No, WhatsApp does not send any notification to the user if any screenshot of the chat with that user is taken. Without any worries, you can easily capture as many screenshots as you want of a particular chat, conversation, and even status. You can even screen record the chats if required without triggering any alarm.

Part 2. How to Take A Screenshot on WhatsApp

So, now you know the answer to the question: does WhatsApp notify if you screenshot. The next step is to know, how to screenshot.

Taking screenshots on WhatsApp is simple and quick. If you are working on a system, screenshots can be taken using the PrtSc, Print Screen, or any other shortcut key dedicated to the task. On your Android and iPhone devices, the designated combination of the keys can be used for taking the desired screenshot.

Checkout the details on taking specific WhatsApp screenshots

1. How to Take A Screenshot on WhatsApp View Once Photos

“View Once” is a WhatsApp feature where images and videos are sent to be viewed only once. Thus the shared media will not be saved to the gallery of the recipient. For added privacy and security, the View Once messages are now blocked for taking screenshots, and if an attempt is made, you will get an alert. But no need to worry as there are workaround available. Know how to screenshot WhatsApp view once.

The easiest way to take a screenshot on WhatsApp View Once Photos is through screen mirroring. Here you can screen mirror your phone to your TV or a PC and then instead of a phone, take a screenshot from your PC or TV.

Other ways by which View Once screenshots can be taken is through WhatsApp Web and by clicking an image of the WhatsApp page using another device.

2. How to Take A Screenshot of An Entire WhatsApp Conversation

Does WhatsApp notify screenshots of chat? We have come to know from the above parts that there is no notifications. So now checkout the method for taking screenshot of an entire conversation.

The platform is considered to be highly secured with its end-to-end encryption, but unlike Snapchat and Instagram, it does not restrict you from taking any screenshots. Thus, you can easily take screenshots of the chats on your WhatsApp without worrying about any notifications. Taking a screenshot of a particular conversation from a chat is simple and easy, but taking a screenshot of an entire conversation can be tricky especially if the conversation is long with multiple chats. Learn how to screenshot an entire WhatsApp conversation.

Here the best way would be to scroll up to the top of the conversation and then when all the chats appear on the screen, make it full screen and take a screenshot. Still, if you observe that the conversation is long and does not appear on a single screen, taking the help of a third-party app like LongScreenshot would be a good alternative.

Part 3. Additional Tip: How To Take A Screenshot on WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

In all the above conditions we have discussed taking screenshots from our device or another person’s device, then with his/her knowledge. But there are situations when you would need to take a screenshot on WhatsApp without the person knowing. For instance, if you wish to keep an eye on your kids, partners, and employees’ WhatsApp, you would be required to take screenshots of images, chats, and conversations remotely and that too secretly.

Here the best tool that we recommend is KidsGuard for WhatsApp, which is an Android and iPhone-based app that allows you to keep check on the target device’s WhatsApp chats, call history, images, voice messages, and other content. You would just need one-time access to the target device for around 5 minutes to install the app and once done, it can be monitored in stealth mode easily.

Key Features of KidsGuard for WhatsApp

  • Android and iPhone-based spy app for WhatsApp chats, images, videos, call history, and all other media.
  • Allows tracking WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Plus, and GBWhatsApp
  • Allows taking screenshots of WhatsApp chats including view once chats.
  • WhatsApp voice calls and video calls can be recorded
  • WhatsApp contacts can be exported to Excel with more than 2000 numbers.
  • Encrypted WhatsApp messages can be viewed on Android and iPhone without any need for a key.

Steps to use KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Step 1. First of all, go to ClevGuard site to create a valid account. Get the desired plan of the app as per your requirements.


If you directly sign up ClevGuard with the third-party accounts like Google,FaceBook account, then you will recieve the ClevGuard account and password on your email.

WhatsApp notify screenshots

Step 2. Once the plan is purchased and activated, a page titled My Product will appear. Tap on the Start Monitoring button and a Dashboard page of KidsGuard for WhatsApp will appear.

WhatsApp notify screenshots

Step 3. On the target phone, use www. to download KidsGuard for WhatsApp app. Follow the instructions as they appear on the screen to set up the device and install the app.

WhatsApp notify screenshots
WhatsApp notify screenshots

Step 4. Once the installation is successfully done, tap on Verify Setup and when finished you will be transferred to the dashboard of KidsGuard for WhatsApp. On the dashboard, you can now monitor all the WhatsApp chats and also take the desired screenshots.

WhatsApp notify screenshots

Part 3. FAQ About Taking Screenshots on WhatsApp

1. Does WhatsApp Notify When Taking Screenshots of Chat

No, WhatsApp does not notify or restrict you while taking screenshots of a chat.

2. Does WhatsApp Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

No, WhatsApp does not notify you when you take a screenshot of your story. You can easily screen record as well as take screenshots of the story on WhatsApp.

3. Does WhatsApp Notify When you Screenshot a One Time Picture?

With the latest update keeping privacy in concern, there is a restriction on taking screenshots of View Once of One Time Picture. But there is a workaround available that can help you take screenshots of one-time pictures and these can be checked from the above parts of the topic.


Taking screenshots of WhatsApp chats is simple and easy but when it comes to viewing photos or taking screenshots without the target device owner knowing, the task can be tricky. Workarounds for viewing once are available while taking screenshot without the person knowing, ClevGuard KidsGuard for WhatsApp is the best app to use.

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