What’s the Difference Between UX and CX?

UX and CX

Customer experience and user experience seem very similar at first glance. However, they are fundamentally different concepts. They certainly complement each other but are not interchangeable by any means. Therefore, CX and UX are often confused or mistakenly used synonymously, even by professional UX/UI designers. Today, we will finally put everything together. Let’s dive in.

What Is User Experience (UX)?

User Experience (UX), describes the product design and its interface (both visuals and navigation). It more generally refers to how the user interacts with the application, software system, or website. It can be positive or negative, and several factors affect the experience.

If your UX-design is good, that means that its intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use. It can solve the user’s problems in convenient ways.

Professional UX/UI design companies aim at delivering digital products that guarantee the best UX to customers. They utilize tools like Sketch and Figma, and they implement colorists, typography, and psychology. Another essential part of providing an excellent user experience is regular testing at every stage of app development.

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience, also known as CX, encompasses a much more extensive range of notions. It describes how a person interacts with the product and the company or brand as a whole.

An application, software, website, or other product, of course, represents the brand. But these are not equal to everything it does. You might also remember their webpage for online shopping or social networks accounts, advertisements, and more. All of these things fall under the term CX. 

Being a UX/UI designer, you contribute to CX. In our digitalized world, a mobile application, website, or software system is the first thing a user uses to connect to the company’s brand. So, the designer’s job is very responsible: you either convince them to stay or the client will leave to use the services and products of a competitor. However, for it to be satisfactory, it requires the joint efforts of many professionals like marketers and PR, developers, business analysts, consultants, and tech support.

Several studies have reported that paying attention to CX leads to an increase in customer loyalty. The amount of money they spend increases, as does the overall number of customers. Starbucks, for example, grew from a local coffee shop into an international chain with more than 2000 cafes. But notice, they spent almost no money on advertising. The company’s popularity is rooted in the fact that customers recommend the product and the experience to their friends. Of course, the coffee is good too.

Customer Experience Management has become an indispensable area for businesses operating in highly competitive fields. The first component of implementing the strategy for improving CE is the measurement of this parameter by collecting client feedback. Ideally, it happens in real-time, making it possible to incorporate this information directly into the enterprise’s culture. The appearance of mobile applications and individual ranking platforms allows every company from beauty salons and bakeries to B2B companies to discover their customers’ products and services. Platforms like this are real-time measures of how a business’s CX is doing. 

Why Are UX and CX Important?

As previously mentioned, customer experience includes user experience. If you have a business or your job is to help companies grow and develop with the help of UX/UI, customer experience and user experience must be taken into consideration. It guarantees a more comprehensive approach.

Good UX design is vital because it allows users to evaluate your website or application in seconds. It is worth spending time and money to make an excellent product, especially when working in a highly competitive market. If you lack a strong presence online, you will be avoided or not noticed by the majority of potential customers.

In the meanwhile, excellent customer experience is crucial because it helps stand out in a competitive market, where consumers choose from a range of products similar to yours. Offering a good and reliable product isn’t enough – what helps you stand out?

Focusing on both UX and CX and ensuring their excellence is one way to do it. And no matter what anyone says – it is possible to have excellent UX and CX – one doesn’t negate the other.


Now you know how user experience differs from customer experience. Hopefully, as you develop a business, you will focus on both, without favoring one or the other. This UX/UI design agency can help you to design beautiful and attractive user interfaces that guarantee pleasant user experience. However, customer experience doesn’t just depend on an app or website. It is the result of the collective efforts of many professionals working together to realize business goals.

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