What Makes Diagono Magnesium So Special?

Diagono Magnesium

Expert at Bvlgari launched a special model the diagonal aluminum in 1998 of innovation, Bvlgari introduced Diagono aluminum 1998, consolidating an avant-garde substance with the italian-made jeweler’s a reliable and robust design. The essence of this watch, blending technicalities with fashion, produced a metamorphosis that has become an overwhelming military of unparalleled inventions.

The stunning black and white of the primary watch created a tradition, yet an elegant course in men’s watch design. With the striking contradiction of white dial essence and unyielding black rubber, the original Diagono’s audacious strategy became a popular style icon, sustained in Bvlgari design conception today. The latest Diagono watch sustains this accent with its explicit structural points, created from the advanced cutting-edge elements recognizable to the modernized world.

Optimal Functioning of Machinery

Extremely extraordinary performance is as expected to the peculiarities of a watch as it is to its design. Working day/night, artists, and technicians at Bvlgari managed to shoulder the case with the latest angles, consolidating the distinguishing, up-to-date components of its appearance with the quality materials like a race car and aviation-based technology.

Innovative Materials

17th year following the mind-boggling presentation of lightweight ‘aluminum’ for its chronometer shells, Bvlgari produces the most distinguished combination of technologically enhanced corporealities in its Diagono of 2015 edition. Defending the unique character of the series, the brand’s technicians and master watchmakers achieved success with aeronautical panel designers and automotive experts to select the most exquisite, most unconventional materials accessible, and embed them to watchmaking.

3 Modernized materials in a single watch

  1. magnesium
  2. ceramic
  3. peek

Use of Magnesium

Bvlgari manipulated magnesium for the watch structure, a captivating alloy that represents the top-most cutting-edge technology. More edible and more robust than titanium and aluminium, magnesium has been reinstating other element alloys in interceptor aircraft and sports cars for the following decades.

Polyetheretherketone and Ceramic Made

Polyetheretherketone makes the side struts of the Diagono. As the chief of unconventional polymers, peek is used in aerodynamics and outer-space technology to present collision consumption and structural solidity. As the prime bezel of a timepiece can be prone to carry, Bvlgari has created the optimized bezel with a Scratch-proof of high-tech ceramic.

Advanced Technology

Designed with a red, black anthracite tone, the motors of italian extravagance racing cars are usually covered with a rugged, particles-pattern weave, superintended to confront severe circumstances under the bonnet.

 Bvlgari produced a solid crossbreed coat to likewise guard the complications of Diagono, Uniquely adorning the dial as it entrenches the magnesium parts.

Technical Features of Diagono Magnesium

Diagono Magnesium

The dial is of 41mm, magnesium blended with peek case. The ring ceramic bezel inscribed with a double Brand’s trademarks, dark PVD case-back, crown components with the ceramic enclosure. Case middle exterior employed with

brown, blue fashionable veneer; harmonizing dial in the same procedure. Volcano Pattern rubber strap is what it is equipped with. Mechanical self-winding movements feature by 40+ hours energy reserve.

To reshape this legendary version, Bvlgari dived into the elegance of Diagono timepeice. Stimulated by the dimensions of old-fashioned roman compositions, Bvlgari manufactured Diagono to appear

as a utilitarian piece of italian structure. In the 1980s, the brand’s artists reshaped the association between components and made the band free to use acknowledgments to a tube and bolt mechanism still practiced now in the scub a lot and recognized a

real picture detail. Water-resistant up to 30 bars, the Diagono scuba is an artistic device, of course, technicalities and designs.

Is it worth-buying a timepiece?

The Bvlgari is famous for always providing something unique and innovative, if you are looking to a buy an improved version of a luxury watch that meets the requirement of a professional lifestyle and can confront harsh environment conditions, then a Diagono must be an ideal choice. As it contains everything requires for a top-class luxury watch.

Diagono is available in many variants in variation to colors and technicalities. Diagono scuba and magnesium are two of the top-rated versions of this range featured with advanced technical functions and are designed robust.

A Bvlgari watch has its class, the company has been manufacturing the Swiss watches for years, so this is the main reason to buy this watch as it is a trusted platform. You’ll never regret buying such a timepiece because once you’ll get it to, believe me, you would love it.

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