5 Reasons You Should Respond to Your Customer Reviews


The relationship between a business and the customers is vested in the professional interaction involved in the transactions. However, the professional interaction’s communication aspect is hardly focused on, yet it’s a crucial focal point of business-customer interaction. Keeping close contact with customers is a tedious endeavor for most business operators, but it’s always worth the effort. The returns of maintaining a patent and reliable communication channel with the customers are pleasant.

The universally accepted way for customers to express their opinions about the services of products of a particular business is through reviews. The reviews are mostly done on online platforms. They are a general expression of what the customers think about their interaction with the business. The business operators should esteem to respond to the customer reviews. Here are reasons why those responses are encouraged.

Letting the Universe Understand Your Recognition of Every Customer

The majority of businesses have maintained the tendency of responding to the negative and critiquing complaints while abandoning the positive responses. The positive reactions from customers show appreciation for a good role that you, as a company, have played. On the other hand, the negative comments are an expression of dissatisfaction with the individual customer. Neither of the two expresses the universal opinion of the public. Philosophically speaking, the two reviews can also be interpreted to mean the general opinion of the public.

Either way, responding to selected comments is a show of discrimination and bias. A business response should express neutrality at all times. This is not always the case as most businesses esteem to respond to only negative reviews and replies, hoping that it will change the customers’ opinion. Neglecting the positive reviews and failing to acknowledge them is a sure way to demotivate the customers who believe in the business. Choosing to express your attention to all the posted reviews represents your neutrality. Consequently, better and more positive reviews are shared out of that gesture.

Boosting the Existing Value of the Established Customers

Each business has a number of customers who grew with it side by side, from the beginning. Those are classified as loyal customers because it is as if they have made a name with the business. They are an indispensable lot who always have the back of the business. In as much as these customers enjoy the products and services of the business, mutual recognition is still a significant factor for them. They may not express it openly or publicly, but the input they give to the business apart from the professional transactions warrants a similar scratch in the back.

Some businesses ignore the reviews and responses left by these loyal customers in the agitation to respond and entice new clients. Responding to new customers is a reasonable way to attract and bring them aboard. The negative effect of this gesture is that the loyal customers feel unrecognized, unnoticed, and unappreciated. The fact that their dear esteemed business can respond to new clients and leave them hanging is always ego-breaking. Therefore, responding to new customers at the expense of loyal clients is not a very wise thing.

It’s an Avenue to Augment Your SEO Efforts

The era of online marketing has been ruled by SEO these last few years. SEO works based on better reviews and online keyword frequency. Therefore, when a customer posts a review about your business, it allows you to upscale your online credentials and score better using the SEO directives. The customer will not notice, but the magnitude of your response to their review could be rewarding if framed well. The trick is to use better grading words as you answer the study, and at the same time, pass the intended message to the public.

For instance, if a customer positively reviews your hairdressing business in St Louis, Missouri, you can take the opportunity and use smart marketing language to boost your google listing. Thank them for the opportunity to serve them and then for the positive feedback they have expressed to the business. Then you can let them know where to find you for expert consultancy services on hairdressing, twisting the language to make sure it will imply you are one the best in St Louis. The only caution is not to overuse the rating words as they may attract penalties from online pages.

Maintaining Business Reputation with Confidence and Trustworthiness

Online reviews play a strategic role in marketing a business. The more positive reviews surface on the business page, the more new customers are interested and make an effort to transact with the company. However, the notable aspects are the rates at which negative comments can bring down the business. It is approximated that one negative comment can cut off the client proportions by 22%. This implies that for every negative comment, 2 out of every 10 customers are lost. Although the numbers are not arbitrary as they seem, it is also very irrational to extrapolate and say that this would apply to all the businesses. It does not. However, the statistics are indisputable, and there is only one way of making sure that this does not work to negate your business.

The aim is to ensure that the businesses’ positive reviews exceed the negative thoughts by far. Essentially, drown them out of the section as it is. This can only be achieved by psyching up the customers with positive reviews to leave a comment every time they can or interact with the business. The surest place to accomplish this is by responding to the customer reviews on the page.

Attract Brand New Customers Who Will Review the Business More

Self-marketing in online pages can take different plans and directions. One of the most disguised ways is interacting with the customers on one on one online platform. Responding to their reviews as soon as you can paints a proactive and establishes your business reputation. In addition, the language you use as a business has the potential to attract more customers. The choice of language register is more dependent on the target group of people.

However, responding to customer reviews has the ability to attract other customers to try out their experience with the business. Some customers will ascertain whether the business reviews match the service or the products as they are. Other customers will use only the business products so they can get an opportunity to interact with the business on online platforms. Getting the response from an established business enterprise gives a customer an excellent feeling that they can never ignore.

Getting these more customers comes with more online reviews. If the service is done right and the customers are satisfied, most studies will have positive connotations. This works to the advantage of the business as the positive ones override the negative reviews.


Responding to online customer reviews has been a neglected aspect of online marketing by many businesses. Even the ones attempting to respond to most of the reviews focus on the negative comments. They probably assume that they have already won the customers by giving positive reviews. The critical thing ignored by such assumption is that these customers need to be maintained as customers. The market competition cannot let you rest with that. Therefore, effort is required in order to keep these customers loyal to the business.

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