What is JEE Mains? And how to Prepare for This Exam?

jee mains preparation

As time is passing by the competition in all aspects of our lives is increasing. For example, the competition in the academic field is always high, mostly because it is the first step to become successful in life. JEE Mains examination is one of the most competitive exams of a nation. Students from all around the world participate in this test to get a chance in their favored B. Tech engineering colleges or institutions.

Now that you know about the gist of it, it’s time to know what JEE Main is really about. Every year CBSE directs Joint Entrance Examination Mains of JEE Mains exams but from some time the committee named National Testing Academy (NTA) has taken the responsibility. The students who want to take this exam should be from the science stream. It’s important for all the students to be aware of the syllabus, study time table, exam pattern and how to be prepared for the most difficult exam of their lives. And we are here to help you with that…

A quick look at the JEE Mains examinations…

  • The Paper 1 examination of JEE Mains is for aspirants to get qualified in B.E/B. Tech colleges or institutions, so that they can pursue an engineering degree as a graduate.
  • Paper 2 is held for aspirants who are seeking admission to architecture and planning courses.

So, if you have decided to start your career in any of these fields then you should take your education seriously from a very young age.

JEE Mains and JEE Advanced- What is the difference?

  • JEE Mains Exam- This exam is for those students who want to study in the nation’s top-most colleges or institutions such as NITs, IIITs, CFITs.
  • JEE Advanced- The students who have been selected in the JEE Mains cut off are granted to take the JEE Advanced. It is for taking admission in the IIT and ISM Dhanbad.

The Syllabus:-

You will mainly need to focus on three subjects for the JEE Mains- Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. You cannot put up with these subjects if you haven’t come up with a proper time table. Chemistry is one of the most time-consuming subjects from all three because it has a vast syllabus with 28 topics. Physics and Mathematics have 20 and 16 topics.

Time Table for JEE Mains exam- Explained by Toppers:-

A daily time table for the study is very important for a JEE Mains aspirant and that is why we have brought you the best study time table that toppers follow thoroughly. Here are some really useful pointers to help you ace the exam by the toppers.

  1. First of all, instead of having a long one-time slot divide all your time and hours into three to four slots. So, that you can have space to breathe.
  2. Because JEE Mains is a tough exam to crack that’s why you will have no time to waste and start your time table from the 10th grade.
  3. Apart from attaining coaching, self-study is the main key to get good marks.
  4. Build a systematic study plan to develop a yearly/monthly plan to finish your chapters in time.
  5. You should also keep in mind to take breaks between study so that you can recharge your mind.
  6. Keep your focus on the goals and follow your study plan thoroughly.

JEE Mains Books:-

There are many books available to help the students get ready for this exam. The recommended books from toppers are a great way to find the best books to ace the Jee Main Vedantu. The NCERT books are best to follow among other books. You should choose a book which has simple language so that there is difficulty in understanding.

Conclusion- So, this is all we know that may help you with your exam and apart from that, you can also take guidance from the successors. They will know the best way to crack this exam and can provide you with vital helpful tips. Also, don’t forget to not do it all at once, slow and steady wins the race. Make sure that you get enough time for revising before the exams, so you can give your 100 percent in the.

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