What is an Animated Character and its Significance in an Explainer Video?


In this digital era, marketers are coming up with innovative tools to enrich their marketing. Marketers use animated explainer videos to convey their brand’s message more effectively. Animated characters play a vital role in video success and help in storytelling.

Create an animated character that will inspire and entertain your audience.Use animated explainer videos to highlight the benefits of your brand’s product or service.

In animated videos, you need to do script writing, create a storyboard and characters and deliver a powerful story.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the significance of animated characters in an explainer video.

Benefits of Using Animated Characters

Introduce characters in your videos; you can use those videos on social networks, email marketing, mobile apps and website pages, and other online platforms. Animated characters create audience engagement, and the audience takes an interest in the video.

Marketers use them because they humanize your brand.There are various benefits that you can get from animated explainer video characters.

Following are some of the benefits that inspire you to use them in your videos:

It Customizes your Communication

It is ideal to use animated characters as by using them, and you can enhance your communication with the audience. When we use animation and graphics in the video, it helps convey the message in an easy-to-understand way.

Explainer Video

Trigger Audience Emotions

It is human psychology that when we watch cartoons, we recall our childhood time when we were enjoying fun and had freedom. During childhood when our biggest worry was to wait for our favorite cartoons.

When your audience recalls their childhood, it triggers their emotion, and you can influence them to take the desired action you want.

You might be wondering about the animated video cost; most of the animation agencies’ price range varies between $10,000 to $15,000 for a 90 seconds duration video. Most businesses have improved their traffic and conversion rates by using these videos.

So, use an animated explainer video and trigger the audience’s emotions at the right time. It helps in building audience trust in your brand.

Animated Videos are Highly Versatile

You can use animated explainer videos on various platforms. These videos help you highlight the key features of your product or services. Moreover, you can use explainer animated videos with other animated videos to enrich your marketing.

Incorporate an explainer animated video with motions or whiteboard, and it will boost your marketing activities and help you achieve your business objectives.You can outsource your video projects to BuzzFlick video animation agency. They have assisted hundreds of clients with creative animated videos. For extensive navigation, you can visit their sitemapwhere you will find blogs, case studies, their portfolio, and learn more about their services.

Deliver your Message to the Larger Audience

The best thing about animated video is that marketers can quickly deliver their brand’s message to the masses. It assists the companies who sell complex products such as software and other products or services. By using animated videos, you can explain the benefits and features of your product or services.

Explainer Video

Types of Animated Characters

You can enrich your storytelling by using various types of characters in an animated video. Every character type has its benefits, and they trigger the emotions of different audience segments. Therefore, you need to decide the character for your videos by checking your audience’s preferences and analyzing which character can perfectly relate to them.

When selecting a character, you need to consider the video’s content, atmosphere, and tone. Think of the objectives you want to achieve from your animated video, which will help decide the exemplary character.

Realistic Characters

Marketers use these animated characters to represent the real audience and real situations. Realistic characters help in portraying real-life situations. We have seen a significant increase in the use of explainer videos for IT companies, government, B2B, and financial and banking institutions.

Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters are one of the most effective ways of delivering the message to the viewers. Cartoon characters are used to represent reactions, situations, or personas. These characters are colorful and portray fun and entertainment. The audience can easily relate to cartoon characters.

Stick Figures

In some situations, the story is more significant than the characters. Add stick figures to your video content if you ever face this situation. You can use stick figures when you are unable to decide your audience segment.

How to Design a Character

You might wonder how to design a character that won the audience’s hearts.

Let’s look at the best tips to design your creative characters.

Generate Empathy

You can use characters to showcase anxiety, fear, and happiness. The beauty of characters is that they can trigger various emotions. Emotions help brands in building their audience engagement with their brand. Empathy helps in enhancing communication between a brand and its audience.

Add Humor to your Video

Humor is an element that helps you deliver your message to the audience more effectively. You can explain your concept or ideas uniquely with fun elements, jokes, and entertaining situations. Many marketers think that humor is one of the most effective tools. Even if you think your product or service is technical or you are a corporate company, you feel you hesitate to use it. We suggest you use humor in your videos; it gives you positive results.

Closing Remarks

You can build your brand identity by using compelling characters in your videos. However, it might be challenging for some people to create an explainer video as it is a long process. For some businesses, it is challenging to create an animated video. You can search for the top skilled motion graphic studios and hire a credible animation agency with a vast portfolio in this field. A professional animation agency can create a character according to your objectives. They think of innovative ideas and execute the video production process.

Moreover, you don’t need to find the right voice for your video, as animation agencies have voice-over groups that enrich your videos to the next level. Undoubtedly, a character is the main focus of your animated explainer video. When we use creative characters, it helps in increasing audience engagement.

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