Why Resume Parsing Is the Future of HR Tech

Resume Parsing

According to research, at least 63% of recruiters prefer tailor-made, professional resumes for open job positions. But resumes submitted by job applicants often do not match the recruiter’s requirements. So to hire the best candidate, all resumes must be checked irrespective of the stress involved. This is where resume parsing comes in to help the recruiter emerge with a good hiring conclusion.

The resume parsing software helps recruiters extract, analyze, and scan a resume to determine the suitability of applicants. A resume parsing tool offers many benefits like comparing job applicants easily, saving time during operation, and abolishing human errors. Also, resume parsing gives a high-standard resume format. Keep reading to understand why resume parsing is the future of HR Tech.

Features of a Resume Parser

Here are some basic features of a great resume parser tool:

  • Candidate’s profiles (CVs/Resume) are imported in bulk and parsed simultaneously.
  • With the aid of deep learning technology, resume data is better identified and extracted.
  • The software creates a resume summary to enable recruiters to access candidates.
  • The resume parser enables the extraction of a candidate’s information in all fields.
  • The resume parser takes care of multilingual profiles/CVs.
  • Capable of holding a comprehensive taxonomy of expertise used in identifying employment candidates.
  • The tools can parse data in any CV format. A comparison can be made between your old and new CV using Draftable before parsing is done.

Benefits of Resume Parsing for Recruiters

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gone around so many sectors, and the recruitment sector is one of them. The recruiters won’t waste time doing what a resume parser can easily do. Here are some advantages of resume parsing.

Human Error Reduction

Checking resumes manually can lead to a lot of errors. Thousands of resumes usually come in when recruiters post a job. That’s why recruiters must use a resume parsing tool to avoid all errors. The tool will reduce human errors by checking the documents automatically.

Have a Standard Resume Format

As the day passes, recruiters collect many resumes in Word or PDF format. It is often very challenging to manually streamline this information. By using an automatic tool for resume parsing, recruiters can standardize the resume format before sending it to their database. Moreover, managing a huge number of applicant resumes is possible with the tool.

Gets rid of conscious/unconscious bias

Conscious bias is a biased attitude toward a group of people you know. But unconscious bias is when an opinion about a candidate is formed based on a first impression. Unconscious bias unintentionally affects recruiters’ decisions, behaviors, and perceptions.

Many HR experts believe unconscious prejudice can be found in succession planning decisions and employee recruitment. When a resume parsing software screens applicants based on their work experience and skill, conscious and conscious bias is abolished. This enables applicants to get a job based on merit and not favoritism.

Saves Time

Automatically, a resume parser extracts data and saves it into your system in its required fields. If a person is to do this, it will consume more time than resume parsing software. This tool also arranges so many applicants’ resumes without obstruction. In addition, it reduces the time spent finding the right candidate for a job.

Candidates are compared easily.

No matter the number of resumes you parse daily, the parsing tool will ensure that the candidate’s information is quickly analyzed. That is precisely why the information on a resume enables recruiters to pick a suitable candidate swiftly.

Comparing resumes is easier when you have all candidate information in place. A resume parser can be incorporated into your HR services by creating a parsing format using customized parameters.

All Applicant’s Information in one place

A job opening with many candidates applying gives HR an enormous quantity of resumes to handle in an organized manner. A resume parser tool helps solve this issue. Also, having so much applicant information makes it easy to compare and pick the right candidate. This is why a resume parsing tool aids a recruitment team handles large data volume.

Speedy Data-Entry Process

The process of data entry can be faster using a professional resume parsing tool. This can be done regardless of the file format of the resume brought by the applicant. Manual data entry can be a waste of time and may need another data entry staff. Instead, using Affinda ensures that the data entry takes minutes.

Bottom Line

The most important reason a resume parsing tool should be used by HR is to save time and prevent bias. Instead of spending months manually analyzing thousands of excellent resumes and even making mistakes, a resume parsing tool will shorten the time and also eliminate human errors. Also, it increases the chance of employing the right applicants for a specific job position since there’s no room for bias.

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