What are the 6 reasons for killing an app through a bad UX

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The essential factor of your e-commerce app’s success is its quality. Sometimes it is seen that the businesses make poor UX choices by looking over the requirement of the customers. Your app can still have some UX incorrectness even when you are taking care of their painstaking scope. The customers have lots of choices and it should not surprise for you if they leave their thinking of shopping in midway.

The world is changing drastically and man is using the technology along with updates with the coming time. If you go through history then, you will see that human being has become advanced and he is going towards improvements day by day. We can clearly see how he is becoming more advanced even he has low opportunities to get success. However, this change is seen in all industry and you cannot say that it is only in the world of computer technology and cybernetics.

It might be nitpicky when stringent scrutiny is seen in the scenario. The design community can only provide result for good product design when you get yourself to a great standard of UI/UX design.

Mobile Apps’ Age

The manner of doing business has also get changed when there is a drastic modification that occurs in using the heavy and irreplaceable desktop device to lightweight devices and these are known by portable laptops as well. After that, there is extraordinary change occurs in which you can easily use small mobiles and you do not have to worry about where you have to place.

In the beginning, due to no digital presence, our organizations have found themselves first through websites to find out more customers and also added mobile apps as well for this purpose.

In today’s time, with the usage of mobile apps, there is about 42 percent of small startups have started to do the business and the rest which is 30 percent businesses is thinking about to build an app soon so that more customers can reach the service. By 2020, it is estimated that the mobile app can be hit a humongous $581.9 billion in revenue.

For Business-Advantages of Using Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have changed the way of doing business in today’s time. The usage of mobile apps is increasing and it becomes famous among the businesses and the service providers. It has transformed the world of e-commerce, as from payment banks to e-commerce stores there is no industry that exists where the mobile app is not used. It has made its best place by establishing itself for creating better communication with the quality consumers.

Mobile apps have opened the new doors for both small and large businesses to run effectively in this competitive world and building of new customers. Let’s have a look at some of the essential ways in which you will see how an app is helping in the running of modern business success.

1. Assists in brand popularity along with broader customers

People who are interested in buying the products and services then, they can easily do shopping through mobile apps as they are very convenient to use.

Having a good app assists in reaching out to more customers and you can explore the product in this competitive marketing world, and you can also grow your customers. If you are gaining more targeted customers then, you are stepping towards more profit.

Mobile apps are working as a top tool for branding as the advantages of smart phone app are not exist just to search for new customers that might hire you.

Making an approach to a large number of audience assist in becoming you more famous and you may enter in to trend that every consumer wants to become part of it.

2. Help in the creation of good communication between the business and the customers

It is a best platform through which the customers can ask any query or what they thought easily from you. Mobile apps have proved to be fast and great in maintaining customers’ interests and communication product launches, promotional offers, discount rates and so on.

Customers feel more satisfied and also think that they have cared genuinely through the quick response. These will assist in understanding the estimates about what the demand of the customers and how you can more better the sales and the marketing strategy.

3. Presenting the business more reliable and sturdy

A mobile app builds a good reputation in front of customers. This mobile app develops a connection between the brand and the consumer by providing stagnant reminders and notifications. There are many people in today’s time who do not trust the company if they did not consist of digital presence in this internet world.

By having an excellent website helps in adding aesthetics to the business. All this will assist in encouraging the targeted customers to do business with you. It also assists in brand recognition.

How Lousy User experience can assassinate your Mobile App?

As we have discussed above that mobile apps are an essential tool for small and big businesses. In case if you got failed in developing the type of app that is convenient for the user then, your business will not take time to come downwards as a result, you will lose the customers. Instead of making a profit the loss will incur your business.

Almost all the users in this modern world use smart phones and your app should meet the standards of the users as they rely on mobile applications for shopping, traveling and many more.

Here, I will discuss some of the ways through which poor UX could slaughter the mobile app.

1. The app does not have regard for its users’ time.

Mobile app should be fast as if your app takes a long time in loading the images and overall things then, your app will not be liked by the users anymore.

In this fast life, in which people do not have much time to wait or stick at once place and do wait for your application until it gets the download. They will just refresh it once and if it will not get opened properly then, they just leave it and move to another service.

The bounce rates get the increase by 32 percent when your app takes loading time from 1 second to 3 seconds. If the app will take a couple more seconds of time then, the bounce rate get increased by 90 percent which is very high. If it takes 6 seconds in properly opening then, 106 percent alarming rates will approach. 

The apps that takes 10 seconds in loading time then, their bounce rates gets increased by 123 percent.

2. A complicated and out daring usage of app makes the user off on the wrong stand.

To develop your app to look more creative and unique sometimes, the designers and the app developers add many redundant features.

They do this because they think that the customers might see that quality features and they the app as one kind when coming out of the box and this will result in drawn the app and they will start using it on a regular basis.

But, the app designers and the developers do not know and they fail in cognizing that many people do not understand that type of feature as they have never seen it before.

That is the reason these unnecessary features are in a not usable path and they should be hassle-free as the customers are not appreciating to use it. Hence, it is essential to make your mobile application more simple and convenient.

In that way, you can guarantee to the aesthetics of the mobile app and also its functionality.

3. People cannot get what they are searching

The reason for hiring the experts is that if the mistake of some another app design can be directed to a bad UX will ultimately the app will get killed and it will not make it an organized.

The online shopping is very popular as the people do not have to search much for buying something in a stack of items. They do search for the item in which they are interested and make it purchase.

If the app is designed in that poor way in which it finds out instantly what the consumers really want then, you are taking your app at the destroyed path. Hence, it should be the motive to add a search feature in it so that users can find out their items without any hassle among thousands of products.

If your app consists of the product searching in which the consumers might forced to scroll for searching of the particular product in such a thousands of products then, it also adds as limitation of making your app to be killed and the consumers will discourage from being doing the business with you.

The poor navigation can also affect the app and even frustrate the user in great way and this will make them to leave its usage and make it uninstall from the mobile instantly.

4. A closer look needed by the user but you are not allowing for it to them.

In the mobile app, if there is not a fully accessed of pictures granted to the customers then, it refers to another limitation in the app and it can greatly affect the UX.

If you are doing an online business then, you have some estimate that how much people take interest in the overall details of the product that they are buying before placing an order. Hence, it is essential to grant users to go to the description of the product and it should be the basic point in app designing.

People can also not like that app in which you have made limit to access of some full pictures and comprise small pictures instead of full pictures.

All these might make the app look shadowy and suspicious and it will provide a result of making your users away from your business and a loss will get occur in the monthly revenue.

5. Users are not moving or relating to the content also.

The mobile app should contain content that assists in connecting you with your customers and hence, it is very important to host the content for your mobile app that assists in making the user believe in you that you are also part of this competitive market but if your mobile does not contain the written material then, just leave it now.  

If the design of the mobile app is not appealing and fun then, your app will not get popular as the appearance quality should good. It can affect your revenue sheet also as people will leave it to use. It occurs only when you want to make a relationship with the customers for the app that you hope for success.

Furthermore, it is evidently essential that individuality and creativity should show, and there is no more usage of generic broth photos. hiring a professional photographer and the models assists in getting close and personal through which the users can recite to perceive also.

However, this low investment will assist in making a world difference that how the app will go successfully.

6. The users do not understand how problems can be communicated

In the last, if the information like contacts is not placed in an easily found area in the mobile app then, it can be an immediate deflection for any app users. It can create a bad impression on the customers and they will feel that you are not caring about them. It can make you appear as an untrustworthy organization and dodgy.

You should make yourself to be available every time whenever the consumers want to approach you through the mobile app, it will assist in appearing as interested and caring. If the design of the app is user-centric and it encourages the users to ask any problem and it comprises of customer support facility then, it does not matter how the app is large or small.

If your app does not contain all these features then, your users get disgruntle that no one is here to answer their query and the possibility of leaving the app will occur.

The ending word

Have you already a mobile app to addendum your approach to your targeted users? If your answer is not then, are you thinking to build it in a short period of time? Do you investing the money for the app designing to guarantee the UX that is off the chart? Tell me, how you are estimating the popularity of the app and how much the app users are satisfied through your features?

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