Top Web Development Trends In 2021

Top Web Development Trends

Whether programming, tools, services, designs or programming languages: Web development is changing rapidly and new web development trends appear every year. We test whether there is anything to the current trends.

Almost all companies now rely on a website. The Internet is filled with hundreds of millions of active websites, we don’t even want to start with the inactive ones … And according to a study, 200 (!) New websites are added every minute worldwide.

Although this mass of websites offers added value for users, it is increasingly difficult for website operators to stand out from the mass of competing sites. To do this, you have to invest a lot of time in website maintenance. In order to stand out from the competition, you need web developers who are experts in the latest trends.

Their greatest challenge is to be always up to date with the latest trends and technologies in order to keep developing their own way of working and their knowledge. Sometimes it is not that easy to keep up with the latest developments: what is currently trending may no longer be trendy in the next month. While one year it will be about static websites, the next will be dominated by chatbots and the next by the topic of mobile responsive.

Therefore, it is also difficult to make predictions. Nevertheless, we looked at the current trends and gave our assessment of their longevity.

Current web development trends

In order to get the best out of and stand out from the competition, developers are advised to keep an eye on the following trends and include them in their portfolio.

Artificial intelligence

AI is currently on everyone’s lips and is considered to be the core component of most digital transformation strategies. More and more companies are using artificial intelligence to automate business processes, reduce costs, minimize maintenance work and accelerate time-to-market.

Companies will increasingly take advantage of AI and seek advice from web developers to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Motion user interface

It is not only thanks to the Internet that our average attention span is continuously decreasing (to only 8 seconds). However, the main cause of this terrifying development lies in our usage behavior of social media, smartphones, websites, etc.

It is therefore all the more important that developers program your such a way that, firstly, the attention of users is drawn to the page itself and, secondly, that all information about products and services can be seen at a glance.

Websites should therefore be equipped with particularly appealing graphics and an intuitive movement surface (user interface). Motion User Interface adapts when users scroll, which ultimately keeps readers on the ball.

Push notifications

Some time ago, website owners started using push notifications to encourage their users to trigger an action. Push notifications have helped websites gain momentum and have proven to be a successful method over the years.

Today, notifications have become so important that in some cases they replace the email newsletter (think of push notifications on your smartphone).

Larger companies in particular should also benefit from the advantages of push notifications and inform visitors about content, offers, news and promotions.

However, you shouldn’t overdo it and don’t overwhelm your users with push notifications.

User-friendliness can suffer as a result!

Modular design

If a design is modular, it means that it is divided into several parts called modules. Developers and designers can now use these modules independently of one another and also use them for other designs. This means that the individual components of a design can be reused for the creation of further websites without having to resort to a restricted template.

By the way: The new editor from WordPress, also follows a modular design approach, which enables users to insert content in the form of blocks.

Progressive web apps

We have already reported on . These are web applications that combine the functions of browsers, websites and mobile apps. These apps load similarly to websites. The big advantage of , however, is that they allow users to work offline, send notifications and access the device’s hardware, just like native apps.

Many companies that rely on PWAs instead of a website have already seen an increase in conversion rates and user behavior.


Today chatbots are used to better inform and advise customers. Especially companies that want to be available to users around the clock or to users from all over the world.

By using chatbots, companies can save a lot of money and at the same time ensure high customer satisfaction.

Voice search integration

Siri, Alexa and Co. have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, as voice search is a convenient way to use the various functions of the voice assistants.

Since almost ¼ of mobile searches on Google are now carried out via voice, it will soon be standard for developers to integrate a voice search option into websites in order to continue to guarantee a high level of user-friendliness.

Bottom line

It is time to understand that innovation has redefined web development in the terms we knew before. In view of the current situation in 2021 (lockdowns, minimum distances, etc.), many companies had to find out how to work from the home office. To do this, they need to take full advantage of the latest web development trends. We trust that the rapid development and positive changes in 2022 will improve the web development industry and the lives of many people.

Remember that despite the evolving approaches, technological stacks, and thoughts, the primary task of web development service is to provide a great user experience. This trend (UX) will remain unchanged – regardless of whether it is 2021 or 2031.

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