What Are Good Software Programs for Enterprise Project Planning?

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Running and managing a business in its initial phase is comparatively easy, but as a company grows, business owners face several planning and management issues. If you are contemplating expanding your business, you cannot do it alone; you will need to look for bigger and better things.

But the phase of scalability can hinder the stability of an organization; thus, business owners need to adopt best project management software  for effectively managing both scalability and productivity.

If this piece of information rings a bell, here are a few enterprise project planning programs that can help you surmount business challenges and streamline enterprise operations.

Microsoft Project

If you want to skip the hard route of experimenting and exploring, go for Microsoft Project, a trusted, high-quality software product from Microsoft. This enterprise planning software offers all the standard project planning features, including time tracking and resource allocation.

Being one of the original enterprise planning programs, Microsoft Project is positioned slightly on the expensive side of the price line, along with a clunky and less user-friendly interface.

Price: $55/user/month


Enterprises looking to scale up and improve workplace productivity should definitely try ProofHub. It is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration software that helps teams plan, organize, track, work and deliver work assignments successfully.

ProofHub helps teams at enterprises to stay at top of their work by offering an intuitive and customized platform, where they can easily assign tasks, collaborate, track time and share files- all in one place- making them more productive and well-organized. 

Price: $45/month/for unlimited users


Let’s scale up a bit too tools that lie somewhere between basic and advanced. Wrike is an enterprise project planning software program that provides all the standard along with some advanced enterprise solutions along with being basic and easy to use at the same time.

Wrike provides typical enterprise planning features, including time tracking and progress analysis. Still, it also offers high-grade, enterprise-level security to scale your business from bottom to the top.

Price: $34.60/user/month Get a Free Demo


If you are low on budget and searching for an enterprise project planning program that serves all the standard functions, Kanzen can be your go-to option. Although it is one of the essential enterprise planning programs, it provides all the typical enterprise management features critical for scaling your company from a startup or a small business to enterprise level.

Price: $20/user/month


Primavera is a premium enterprise project planning program for large enterprises with multiple projects under their belt. If you are a startup owner and are just looking for an enterprise software program to scale up your business, this program is not an ideal pick for you.

But, if you have a large enterprise with a lot of active projects at the same time, Primavera can be one of the best choices.

Price: $2,750 (one-time fee)


Entry, previously known as Team Headquarters, is a basic project management software program that offers all the standard enterprise project planning features. However, this software is designed strictly for enterprises with a minimum requirement off 100 licenses for their application.

In a nutshell, Entry is a standard, reliable project planning software for big enterprises.

Price: $20/user/month

Planview Enterprise

Planview Enterprise was built for big enterprises, as it offers a plethora of advanced features like project road mapping, prioritizing investments, and process automation. If you are searching for a software program to carry out the standard enterprise project planning tasks, don’t bother checking out this program.

However, if you want to revolutionize your entire project planning process, Planview Enterprise will serve you the best. It may come with a hefty price tag, but the cost will match its functionality.

Pricing: Request a price quote


ProjectManager.com is an award-winning enterprise project planning software program that offers simple yet powerful enterprise planning features, including project planning and workforce management.

Also, ProjectManager.com provides more than 400 integrations, including Slack, Dropbox, and Evernote, which helps you fit in with the various tools you use.

Price: $15-25/user/month


Smartsheet is an enterprise planning software program that offers an additional spreadsheet generation feature as well. Smartsheet is one of the preferred enterprise management software programs in the enterprise space and is readily utilized by a significant number of large enterprises, including HP, Cisco, Netflix, etc.

One of the significant advantages of using Smartsheet is its ease of use; it provides a plethora of simple features to enable small organizations to scale up with ease.

Pricing: $25/user/month


Clarizen is another user-friendly project planning tool that features a simple UX, along with a bunch of project planning tools and high-grade security features. Although an expensive option on the list, Clarizen is a powerful enterprise planning software program that helps to track project progress and team performance. Thus, it offers excellent value for money.

Price: $45/user/month


If your company belongs to the software development industry, JIRA can be an ideal choice for your enterprise planning needs. Although JIRA can be used for other sectors as well, it is geared mainly towards the software industry.

Price: $10/user/month


If your business is already at the enterprise level and you want to grow further, Sciforma can be an ideal pick for you. It starts at a minimum standard of 20 management-level users and is suitable for you if you are focusing on the bigger picture.

Sciforma offers all the standard project planning and enterprise management features, along with providing customized plans according to your requirements.

Price: $200/year


If you are in the hunt for an enterprise planning software program that can adapt to unique project needs, LiquidPlanner can serve your purpose. This software automatically adjusts deadlines, completion dates, and progress throughout the program according to the changes you make to the tasks and resources within the system.

Price: $69/user/month


Saving the best for last, Teamweek is one of the best enterprise planning software programs in the industry. It is free up to five users and charges a nominal fee for the premium plans. From planning projects to managing tasks, Teamweek provides all the necessary features you might need to grow your company.

Some premium features of Teamweek include project roadmaps, annual view, and custom colors.

Price: Free for teams with up to 5 people, then $8/user/month


Selecting the best enterprise planning software for your business can be a tormenting task, especially if you are bombarded with a long list of software programs. However, the golden rule to choose the best option is to determine your business requirements, team size, and budget, and then find an enterprise planning program accordingly.

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