Ways to Improve Your Business Performance This Year

Business Performance

The business world has changed significantly over the last 18 months. The coronavirus pandemic shifted operations online. Productivity and manufacturing were affected for months until managers could get a handle on things. Though many businesses had beat the percentage odds before the coronavirus, they had a hard time surviving. Some of them closed. Luckily, yours came through with minor issues. Now you want to make 2021 the best you possibly can. To help, here are some ways to improve your business performance this year.

Risk Management

As of late, business performance is connected to the security of a company’s technology infrastructure. Several organizations have encountered severe financial and public damage due to cyber extortion. Some haven’t come back from these disasters.

Prevent this at your business by performing a thorough risk management assessment. This involves gathering a team of managers and team members to review every potential risk, internal and external, that can bring down the company. Solutions are developed to counteract and minimize these risks. The most popular are tested to see if they do work. Overall, risk management can reduce the potential of future cyber attacks.


Education and training took a back seat during the pandemic. Companies focused on restructuring their organization for remote operations. Thus, new techniques weren’t introduced. Your company, along with many others, remained in a state of limbo. Now is the time to restart company training. With the immense changes in the business world, your employees and managers need to know how to handle themselves. Particularly if you’ve moved to an eCommerce model of operations. By doing so, they’ll have the upper hand as the economy returns to full service.


In addition to being asset-heavy, your business might be employee-heavy. In other words, there are too many managers and team members on staff and not enough work to go around. After your operational reorganization, you realize your streamlined processes don’t need so many hands.

This might mean you need to restructure to improve your business performance. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everyone. There are ways to realign departments and responsibilities to retain a majority of your personnel. However, training will need to occur to quickly get them up to speed.

Reassess Your Investments

The previous year’s events might have revealed how bloated your company is. You might have investments and assets that don’t produce. They might not even work on products or services you currently support. In simpler terms, these investments are dead weight. It could be time to trim some of the fat from your company. An internal organizational review certainly helps. You also want to bring in an asset performance management company. Organizations out there will help you review your existing investments. Then, they provide you with guidelines on which ones should remain and which can be sold.

Agile Coaching

The concept of the agile workplace was originally designed for software development teams. Its goal was to create an environment of open communication between departments and shift progress measurements to incremental successes. If your business is project-oriented, then agile coaching can be for you as well.

It’s immensely useful if you have decided to remain online for the near future, if not forever. Since your employees and managers no longer work side-by-side, agile coaches can instruct them how to properly communicate across the digital divide. Furthermore, they work with individual departments to ensure everyone has a proper stake in a project.

Institute Project Management

Project management is needed more than ever as businesses like yours rev back up to full production. Without someone to oversee the bigger picture, tasks will be overlooked. Especially if you stay online. Basically, bringing on a project management team creates an environment where there’s one voice, that of the PM. There’s definitely room for discussion and innovation. However, the PM is there to keep things on track. Even if it means moving people and tasks around.


These are just a few ways to improve your business performance this year. Don’t be afraid to implement one or all of them and record the results. Overall, as the clock strikes midnight on December 31, you’ll be glad you did.

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