5 Golden Opportunities for Indian Immigrants to Canada in 2022

Indian Immigrants to Canada

Increasingly, the Canadian government is making concerted efforts to attract immigrants from all over the world.

The country’s immigration system is as diverse as it is versatile and has attracted people from all walks of life.

Whether you are a skilled worker, a professional, a business person, or an innovator, Canada has many opportunities open for you. 

This aggressive immigration drive is fueled by the country’s relatively low population figures, coupled with its tremendous need for a skilled workforce. 

So far, Canada enjoys an open immigration policy and well-regulated system, making it one of the most sought-after relocation destinations globally.

Also, the country has some of the best social welfare amenities in the world, with accessible, good-quality healthcare being one of its greatest assets.

Its promising job market is rife with unexplored potential. 

With the realization that their citizens cannot do it all, the government is keen on boosting the country’s economic recovery by absorbing more immigrants.

The rich job market offers plenty of career progression opportunities. Here are some of the golden opportunities that await Indian immigrants to Canada.

Registered Nurse

Due to the growing population of senior citizens in Canada, there is a high demand for registered nurses and other medics.

The country’s aging population comprises over 500,000 persons aged over 55 years. A sizable amount of its labor force is expected to retire in the next decade or so.

Due to the health needs associated with age, there is increasing demand for qualified nurses to cater to this category.

The Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the situation by straining the existing health system.

For the country’s economic recovery, the immigration of qualified health personnel is highly encouraged.

The higher your academic credentials, the better it is for you. The basic requirements for absorption as a registered nurse in Canada is a degree or diploma in basic nursing. 

You will also need to undertake some management studies and professional courses and be registered as a nurse within the province you wish to work.

The average annual salary of a registered nurse is $76,362.


Another category of in-demand jobs in Canada is that of Artisans. 

These include all manner of persons whose products are mainly made by hand, such as mechanics, masons, welders, engravers, metal art workers, carvers, floral designers, among many others.

The qualification requirements vary depending on the immigration stream or program under which you will be applying.

However, artisans and craftspersons are at liberty to apply for a Permanent Resident visa through the Express Entry program and await an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

Ontario is one of the locations with a high affinity for immigrant artisans. 

In Canada, a welder typically makes $40,927 annually.

Alternatively, you may choose to relocate as a general laborer at an average annual income of $29,250.

On the other hand, we also have various mechanics needed in the manufacturing, construction, and energy sectors.

Depending on your qualification, experience, and skill level, you may make an average of $70,000 annually as a mechanic in Canada.

Sales and Marketing

Sales representatives, associates, and marketing personnel are always in demand in Canada.

These are needed both for consumer goods as well as business-to-business commerce.

Having an outgoing, personable attitude and a vibrant sales spirit are vital attributes in these jobs.

The average annual pay for a sales associate in Canada is $50,225.

However, a lot also depends on the type of product you will be selling. 

Salespersons with an innate selling ability can make a much higher income, particularly on commission-based sales. 

Another opportunity that is a close cousin to sales and marketing is merchandising. 

It involves working for a retail store or chain and deciding which new products the store can offer. 

It also entails deciding how the store shall present the product to the consumer. Merchandisers are in huge demand both by online and traditional stores.

The annual salary a merchandiser makes in Canada is $48,610.

Financial Advisors and Accountants

Financial advisory offers an excellent entry-level position for persons who wish to have a long-term career in the finance sector.

It involves rendering financial advice to families, individuals, businesses, banks, and corporations.

The typical areas covered by a financial advisor are investments and finances.

Financial advisors in Canada make an average of $ 57,410 per annum.

Still, within the money sector, there is a huge demand for accountants. 

The outfits that require this category of worker include banks and financial institutions, governmental agencies, companies, individuals, and schools.

To qualify as an accountant working in Canada, you will need to be a holder of a CPA.

Essentially, accountants are tasked with managing funds on behalf of their employers and tracking their expenditure.

The average annual income of an accountant in Canada stands at $57,500

Other closely affiliated workers who are also in demand include financial auditors, bookkeepers, and accounting technicians. 

Electrical Engineers

The Canadian telecommunications industry, energy, and manufacturing sectors have a high demand for electrical engineers.

These are the workers who will help them design electrical products for sale. 

As with any modern economy, Canada relies a lot on electricity, meaning that whichever way you look at it, an electrical engineer is an indispensable person in their workforce. 

The level of demand is perhaps reflected by the tidy sum that electrical engineers make, which averages at $148,816 annually.

You may apply for immigration as an electrical engineer through the express entry program.

Alternatively, you may also seek a Permanent Resident visa through the Provincial Immigration Program. It is an easy, flexible and direct way to acquire permanent residency.

All that you need to prequalify is three years of work experience.

Among the different engineers, electrical engineers remain the most sought after in the Canadian job market today.

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