What Materials do You Need to Prepare for the PMP Exam in 2021?

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Book, Official Teaching Material

The textbook used in PMP exam is the sixth edition of PMBOK Guide

Content introduction:

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) (6th Edition) is a classic work of Project Management Institute (PMI). It has become one of the national standards of project management in the United States, and is also the de facto world standard in the field of project management knowledge and practice. The Chinese simplified edition of this book is authorized by PMI and published in China. Compared with the fourth edition, its content is somewhat updated. It updates the definition of five process groups of project management with penetrating language, and introduces 10 knowledge fields and 47 processes of project management. It is an extremely important reference book for project management practitioners.

To Be Completed During Preparation for PMP Certification

1. PMBOK Guide (Sixth Edition) is required by each person;

2. For the first time, we can have a rough reading and view the video at the same time, and then read the contents of each knowledge point in the process of making the PMP exam questions;

3. Before each class, we should do a good job of preview, mark the doubts, propose the doubts in the class, and listen to the teacher’s explanation;

4. Do a good job of reviewing after each class, carefully comb the knowledge points, record video by live broadcast on-line by teachers, digest and absorb and consolidate the knowledge points learned again, and transform the short-term memory in the classroom into long-term memory through continuous review. And complete each chapter exercises.

5. For some platform simulation test questions, the self-made problem map should be completed at least once, and the accuracy rate should be counted well, and the problems should be solved one by one.

6. After the model test, do a good job of the paper analysis, find the corresponding knowledge points of the wrong questions, and repeatedly understand and practice until you master them.

7. Keep summarizing, memorizing repeatedly, building confidence, and persisting all the time.

The Registration Process of PMP Test Is as Follows:

1. Obtain training certificate of more than 35 hours (PDU) covering nine knowledge areas in American project management knowledge system;

2. Submit English application materials online;

3. One week after the material declaration is submitted, a confirmation letter from PMI will be received. After the confirmation is passed, you can take the PMP certification examination, and then you need to register in Chinese;

4. After the Chinese registration is approved, PMP certification examination arranged by China can be conducted;

5. Application data review is review (PMP), and the certification department checks the application data according to a certain proportion. Any false and incorrect information submitted to PMI Certification Department will be punished, including suspension or revocation of examination qualification or certificate);

6. Apply for a qualified notice (if the candidates’ registration materials are qualified, PMI will send the PMP certification examination qualification letter of the qualified applicants to PMI China representative office about 1-2 weeks before PMP examination, and the examination registration points in mainland China will inform the candidates);

7. Receive PMI confirmation letter (i.e. admission certificate), indicating that the examination has been allowed;

8. Check the time, place and other arrangements with the examination center;

9. Take the PMP examination;

10. 4-6 weeks after the test, you can log on PMI website to check whether you have passed the test;

11. PMI will mail the certificate to PMI China Representative Office 8-12 weeks after the test, and PMI China Representative Office will issue the certificate of passing the test.

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