Top Ways to Add More Space to Your House

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There comes a time in nearly every homeowner’s life when their house begins to feel too small. It usually comes when their family grows and they discover they don’t have enough room for the entire family to live comfortably. But, it’s also difficult to just pack up and move to a larger house, especially if the funds aren’t available in a seller’s market.  Fortunately, there are some home improvements that can add space to your home without requiring you to move. Crown Construction offers this list of top ways to add more space to your house.

Traditional Addition

The most common way to get more space in your home is to add an addition with extra rooms to your house. This space is accessible from inside your current house and is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing structure. You can add extra bedrooms, an additional living room, a guest bedroom, an extra bathroom, an office space, and more. You can even expand your kitchen, but most people don’t add a second kitchen for obvious reasons.

The issue with a traditional addition is cost because you’re usually creating significantly more space, which requires a lot of materials and labor. However, you will get most of this returned to you when you sell your home and you have quite a bit more square footage than you once had. There is also the drawback of losing some of your land because the new structure is often built outward into your existing yard.

Bump Out Addition

A bump out addition is a less expensive version of the traditional addition. Essentially, you’re adding one room to your existing house, which can be anything from a small bedroom or nursery, an office, or to simply expand a living, family, or dining room. This is also a great option for expanding a kitchen if you don’t intend to also add other rooms. A bump out not only costs less to build than a traditional addition, but it also takes up less space on the outside of your house.

Sunroom Addition

Usually, a sunroom addition is constructed because of a desire to have an enclosed space that feels like it’s outside instead of a need to add space. But, a sunroom can be multipurpose in nature and can be used as a sunny bedroom or living room as well. The sunroom may not be accessible from inside the house and can also be a temporary structure that can be removed by the next homeowner if it’s no longer wanted. This makes it a versatile addition and will usually cost less than a full, permanent addition.

Garage Addition or Conversion

Some homeowners would rather use their garage for living space than for cars or storage. This makes sense if you don’t want to build a new room that takes up outdoor space. You can either convert the garage to a separate room or build an addition on top of the garage to keep your car and storage space. Some people do both and create a multi-storey addition with a room on top of the garage and one in the garage.


Adding on to your current home is a fantastic way to get more space. It not only costs less than selling your current house and buying a new, larger one, but it also increases the value of your current home so that when you do sell, you make an even bigger profit.

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