Your Technical Guide to by Earphones


With the popularity of smartphones, many people are also getting used to listening to songs on their phones. Still, the earphones that come with various brands of mobile phones are mainly for calling functions. The sound quality is very tough to compliment. Although most people have meagre requirements for Earphones, that should be comfortable to wear with good sound quality. They are usually reasonably priced will eventually be loved by everyone. Some people like to wear comfortable noise-cancelling and noise-reducing earphones while running. Some people like HIFI high-fidelity Bluetooth Earphones as they perform well with different music styles. Today in this post we will tell about the Technical Guide to Bluetooth Earphones online.

Earphone basics and brand selection guide

Moving coil earphones: At present, most earphones belong to moving coil earphones. The principle is similar to ordinary speakers. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected to the diaphragm. The coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the drive of the signal current. The central protruding position is the main sounding area, while the compliant edge next to it can provide enough stroke.

Moving iron earphones: Inside the moving iron earplugs, the voice coil is placed around a precision connecting rod called “balanced armature”. It is located in the centre of the permanent magnetic field, and through this precise connecting rod is transmitted to the centre of a micro-diaphragm. If you point, this piece of iron produces vibration and sound under the action of magnetic force. Due to the late start of moving iron Bluetooth Earphones and technical reasons, the cost and price are generally higher.

Electrostatic Bluetooth Earphones: The diaphragm is in a changing electric field, the diaphragm is extremely thin and accurate to a few microns (at present, STAX’s new generation of electrostatic headset diaphragm has been accurate to 1.35 microns), the coil drives the diaphragm under the drive of electric field force Speak. Due to the very high manufacturing cost, electrostatic Bluetooth Earphones have always been relatively niche products.

What kind of earphones are good earphones?

Everyone’s good voices are different, and everyone’s requirements for Bluetooth Earphones are different, so there is no absolute standard for evaluating the quality of a headset. But those earphones that stand out at the peak of sound quality have some common characteristics, which can be summarized as follows: (Earphones that can all meet the following requirements can be described as rare)

1. The sound bottom is pure, and there will be no more current severe sound.

2. A good sense of balance, the sound is not bright or dark, the energy distribution of high, middle and low frequency is balanced, and the transition between frequency bands is naturally smooth.

3. Good resolving power, rich details, and can clearly reproduce small signals.

4. Excellent sound field description ability, accurate positioning of musical instruments, sufficient information in the sound field, and no hollow feeling.

5. Dynamic has a good sense of speed, no apparent traces of compression, no distortion or small distortion at high volume.

6. High-frequency stretch and extension, the sound is delicate.

7. The low frequency is full of elasticity and strength, diving deep, not fat, not slow.

8. The intermediate frequency is transparent, and distortion is small, the human voice is intimate and natural, magnetic, tooth sound is not exaggerated, the nasal sound is not thick.

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