Top tips to keep your cars all geared up for the winter season

cars geared up

Winters are no joke. Despite all the cozy and happy vibes it brings, it also gives us a warning sign to stay vigilant and cautious during the season. And, this is not just for us humans, but also for your vehicles. Yes, you have heard that right! If you own a car, then there are multiple things that you need to follow to keep your car safe and functional during adverse climatic conditions.

Winter car problems can be quite frustrating and can land you stranded and shivering, waiting for help from car towing services near me. But with some precautions and care, you can save yourself from falling into such a situation. Want to know about things that you need to take care of to stay geared up for winter driving? Here in this article, we are going to pen down a few tips that you need to follow to have a safe and happy winter while driving your way:

Dead battery

Winter and dead batteries are something that goes hand in hand. Batteries are not made to last forever and have a lifespan of about four to six years. And, despite the mentioned lifespan, dead batteries are a common scenario in winters turning out to be one of the primary reasons why car owners need to seek car mechanic assistance.

To save yourself from such a situation, until and unless you have fitted a new battery in your car, make sure that you get your car battery tested and charged before the commencement of winter. Also, make it a habit of starting your car once in two days, even if you do not use your car daily. Practice it as a regular winter regime to save yourself from seeking car towing services every now and then. Such a habit will also aid in keeping your car batteries in proper working condition.

Check the wiper blades

If you reside in a place that witnesses high-end snow and breeze, you might be well versed with the importance of wipers. Not only for rainy seasons, but wipers are also a mandated accessory to keep your glass clean during snowy weather.

Snow and grit together can make your windscreen dirty, making it difficult for you to drive if you do not have proper functional wipers that can take charge of the cleaning task. Ensure that you check the wipers and get them repaired or replaced, if necessary, before winter so that you do not leave the slightest chance of falling into trouble due to non-functional wipers.

Check for any corroding parts

When water or snow protrudes down inside the car engine, it can raise havoc. It can damage the metal and other internal parts of the engine without even letting you have the slightest hint about the same. Most of the time, car owners do not come to know about such a mishap until permanent damage is done.

In order to save yourself from falling prey to such a situation, wash your cars regularly if you drive on salted roads and keep a check on the wheels, brakes, and especially the undercarriage area.

Pay special attention to coolant, fuel, and oil level

The coolant section of your car remains sealed, but it is always a good idea to get it checked before winter or when you plan to head out for a long journey. This will help you determine whether your car engine needs a coolant top-up, allowing you to stay geared up for driving your way during the winter season.

Apart from coolants, low oil count can also prove to be bad news and can cause a sudden car breakdown if you do not pay heed to the same. Besides the sudden breakdown, the damage done to your cars can end up being catastrophic, causing you to wait for a recovery vehicle in cold chilly weather. Thus, keeping a check on the oil level and consider changing the same when required to spend your winters peacefully without encountering an event of car breakdown.

Frozen locks

Just think of a situation wherein you try to open your car door, and it just won’t open? If you have been in a situation like this, it is probably because of the frozen locks of your car. Such a condition arises when your cars get drenched in rain and the water inside the lock freezes.

It can be quite frustrating to get into a situation like this where you struggle to open the door and stay stranded for hours. Keeping a hand sanitizer or de-icer at your disposal can help in working the hack to combat such a frozen lock situation.


Winters may not turn out to be as good to your vehicles as it turns out for you, bringing in smiles and coziness. In fact, It can cause a toll on your vehicles if you fail to take proper care. So, if you wish to face the chilly season without encountering a car breakdown, make sure that you follow all the above-mentioned tips to prevent any sort of car mishaps during winters.

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