Top 5 Benefits Of Hybrid Working

Over the last couple of years, businesses have had to adapt to new ways of working. Employees have had to make the change from full-time office working, to hybrid or even fully remote working alternatives. Hybrid working allows for the best of both worlds. Giving employees the option to work from home or from the office when it suits them, is a more modern approach to office work. As we start to return to the office, albeit only for a couple of days a week, it is important that employees have everything they need to work productively, efficiently, and safely. With a variety of office furniture in Essex available, you can help to make sure your employees have everything they need when making the return to the office. Here are our Top 5 benefits of hybrid working.


Hybrid working allows for increased productivity. Working from the office a couple of days a week means that you can utilize the tools that you don’t have when working from home. Maybe using your office days to make calls with better display or sound from a conference room would be beneficial, or you could use it to sort out something technical, a problem, or an issue with the tech team that you can’t do remotely. You could make a list of things you can do on your office days to help you be more productive when you’re working from home.

Work-life balance

Hybrid working also gives employees an improved sense of work-life balance. It still allows you to carry out those important and sometimes intense tasks with your co-workers in the office, but on working from home days, it could mean the opportunity to get out on your lunch break and walk the dog or get your workout done.

Saves time

Working from home a couple of days a week means less time spent in traffic jams or commuting on trains. It means that on working from home days, employees are less likely to be late to work, or not able to focus because of a stressful commute. Working from home a couple of days a week means the only commute will be to their home office space. More time to be productive!

Less stress

Hybrid working means less stress all around. Working remotely a couple of days a week could have a positive impact on an employee’s mood because they’re not spending every morning stuck in traffic, and it can allow them the flexibility to fit their family life around their job more easily.It is sure to have a positive impact on the workforce and can contribute to better work-life balance as well as improving mental health and positivity.


Blended working allows employees to be flexible. Having the choice of working from the office or working from home means that they can choose which suits best on certain days. Working from home allows for childcare for example,when necessary, when in the past this would have meant a day of missed work, but with hybrid working, still allows for work to be completed.

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