7 Reasons why you should get into Blogging


The term “blog” was coined by Peter Merholz in 1999. Whilst blogging was originally used to share information on businesses and acted as a commercial platform, over time it evolved into an online diary. Similarly, its popularity only rapidly increased after reaching 2000 with thousands utilizing it both as a way to share their personal journeys and to gain involvement in social and political movements.

Thinking about the term “blogging” in the year 2022 sounds quite outdated and distant—it might even remind you of your youth from 15 years ago. However, that’s not true. Blogging is in fact present in contemporary pop culture and our lives, just modernized along with other values and forms of technology.

By sharing images, personal stories and information on social media platforms you are also partaking in a version of blogging. Nevertheless, there is a difference between posting a picture on Instagram with a short caption and having a separate website solely dedicated to your journey, be that emotional or physical.

So why should you start a blog in 2022 and what are its benefits? Why isn’t it outdated?

Reason 1: Self-expression. This may appear very straightforward and you may think that that’s what you are doing on other social media platforms, however, using a proper blogsite can create a visible difference.

Instead of sharing a single moment from your life, you can extensively express your thoughts and emotions to a community that is interested in you and is supportive.

Also, by sharing your intimate thoughts with the world you gain some sense of thrill and could even encounter personal revelations and epiphanies based on feedback or by re-reading your own blogs.

Reason 2: It helps you unwind. Everyone has moments when they just want to vent and let out their anger or sadness—blogging allows you to do that.

Instead of scribbling it down into your notebook or in your notes section on your phone, you get to share those feelings and perhaps even receive some validation. However, it’s very important to have some form of filter on your posts. Regardless of feeling emotional towards someone you should never use blogging as a way to cyberbully or make someone feel bad.

If you feel like you need to address some personal issues concerning specific individuals then make sure to keep them anonymous or use a different name and an unrecognizable persona for them. You should also reach out to them privately or in-person to fix those disputes.

Reason 3: Improves your language and grammar skills. By writing daily entries you could expand your vocabulary and could also practice your writing skills. Blogging could allow you to type faster and to transfer your thoughts into words at a higher rate—this skill could come in handy at a future job that requires fast-paced typing.

Through receiving feedback and expanding your knowledge on human behavior you could gain skills that would help you form great informational interview questions for a workplace or could improve your critical view of things allowing you to learn how to make your resume pop.

Reason 4: Blogging has a sense of artistic value to it. By expressing your emotions you will not only learn about yourself but language and the idea of self-expression itself.

The words that you previously regarded as acts of ranting or pursuit of fame can transform into beautiful sentences with depth and real meanings.

Through understanding the aesthetic value behind your writing you may also get inspired to pursue it in other areas. This may include expressing your thoughts through poetry or simply being inspired to be involved in the literary field—be that writing or reading stories.

Reason 5: By starting a blog you can also expand your social horizon and it could allow you to interact with others that have similar or very contrasting experiences. Through this you could build friendships or even online support groups that would benefit others as well.

By forming an online community you wouldn’t only help those involved in it, but people that are spectating and seeking out advice on similar topics. If your blog is business related then you might even be able to find connections and people to cooperate with for a similar cause.

Reason 6: Blogging allows you to “find yourself.” Many people struggle to open up about their emotions or just simply repress them as if they wouldn’t even exist. If you are one of those people then blogging could be a very powerful experience for you.

Blogging enables you to face your fears and speak of issues that you may not feel talking about in person or to people that you know personally.

Reason 7: By writing down your emotions through blogging you may also develop a sense of individuality and uniqueness in the modern world whilst also inspiring others to share their own stories in more detail or to reach out for help.

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