Three Ways VR Will Change the Way We Work Forever

virtual reality

The workplace will never look the same after 2020. Between remote work, enhanced investments in technology, and a new epistemology about what an office can look like, the future is wide-open for the open-minded.

In a lot of ways, the possibilities that lie before us aren’t even fully realized. For example, the impact VR will have on the workplace will change our jobs forever. A lot of us think of VR in terms of the Oculus Rift or cool features on smartphone apps. In actuality, the possibilities of virtual reality are limitless. Here are three of the ways VR will change the way we work forever.

VR Meetings

We’re all accustomed to video conferencing after 2020. The limits of this platform were felt within the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. Sure, we could see each other, but the distance was immensely obvious to everyone in the virtual room.

A VR meeting is completely different and a very real option for remote work teams. Instead of solely limiting a meeting to cameras and microphones, VR meetings allow for virtual whiteboards, avatars that help you feel closer to collaborators, and most of all, a more realistic meeting experience. This option is only going to continue to grow in popularity as more companies consider remote workforces.

VR Marketing

For marketing teams, VR is a very relative platform for certain demographics. A lot of marketing campaigns are now focusing on individuals who are in the VR space. For example, a recent Wendy’s VR marketing campaign partnered with Fortnite, one of the most popular video games in the world, for a collaboration.

The result was shocking, even to Wendy’s VR team. A nearly 120% increase in social media engagement helped them launch their next, more traditional initiatives to a completely revamped audience. They’ll certainly return to VR marketing in the future, and so should other companies hoping to reach new audiences.

VR Training

For certain industries, training can be a rigorous process. In many manufacturing and engineering jobs, even employees who have experience in the field often undergo lengthy training programs to help assist them in acclimating to the new organization.

For those who work in more corporate jobs, training can be just as important too. As more major companies explore VR training opportunities, they’re finding that employees enjoy the interactivity much more than traditional training. With employees more tapped into the training instead of getting bored and just completing the steps as requested, less workplace mistakes and malfeasance.

A New Workplace Reality Thanks to VR

VR is already here and ready to help your organization adjust to an increasingly digital world. Take time to make the most of these tools and set yourself up for great things in 2021 and beyond.

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