Free React Templates for Your Next Big Design Project

Free React Templates

React is a JavaScript library that can be used in building user interfaces. A small part of the React Template aids in operating your project with ease. By learning the basics of React, you can add some interactivity or design to a simple HTML page. You can also start a complex React-powered app with just a little knowledge of React.  

We have a team of developers with excellent knowledge in React JS. They developed our admin template based on React JSX with elegant UI UX design through which you can access our predefined components and applications easily. You can also speed up your development process. Here, you will find free as well as premium React admin templates that you can use for your next project.

There are many free React templates available on our site. Some of them are described below:

1. MaterialPro React Admin Lite:

By using this template, you can create amazing user interfaces for your application easily. It’s considered a fully responsive React template. The base of the template lies on the React framework,and this React framework permits the accommodation of all the user needs with flexibility.

This React template is mostly based on a modular design used to provide users with unsophisticated customization options. The framework of the template implements the complex requirements of modern apps. The MaterialPro React Admin Lite has varieties of attractive and stunning features that you can use for your upcoming project. The User Interface of the dashboard offers a satisfactory approach along with some additional features like Email Application, Calendar, etc.

2. Xtreme React Admin Lite:

This was published by the author, Wrappixel, on This template is used to make an attractive and stunning user interface for any application. The Xtreme React Admin Template comes under the category of Admin Templates and Site Templates. This template is tagged with the React admin panel, React app, React app template, React admin template, React, React backend and the React application on

The Xtreme React Admin Lite is introduced as a lightweight React dashboard template that has most of the premium features. The many features that it has are one basic dashboard, 7 simple page templates, 4 custom UI components, and style sheets created by using SCSS. It also helps in providing support for material icons that is fully responsive.   

3. Shards:

It’s a type of free React Admin dashboard template that has a modern and elegant design, which is perfect for any application. It’s implemented by using the create-React-app. This app helps give a solid structure to your admin dashboard. It’s built using Bootstrap. The Shards React template uses a unique architecture named “Flux” that can help you build amazing client-side web applications. Due to its minimum number of designs, it never fails to render a highly-optimized template. This React template has a number of custom components that you can use to start your next app. In this React template, everything is designed to integrate with each other flawlessly. This template includes both Sketch as well as SCSS files so that you can modify the admin dashboard template with ease.

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