Top 6 AI Technologies used in mobile apps

AI Technologies in mobile apps

AI technology is one of the most burgeoning technological trends that has crafted a niche for itself. Its benefits are massive leading to different businesses and industries to gradually pour into this tech piece. Worth mentioning that its utilization has expanded to education, medicine, enterprise, fashion, and automotive among many others. 

However, this innovative trend has got everything within its spectrum that leads to much more popularity. Here, we have brought you a quick look at some of the most fascinating technologies that are most incredible and must be a part of your next business app.

So what are you waiting for???

Let’s get on this blog post today, and find out which AI technologies are really there to make a difference in our smartphones.

#1 Chatbots

Do I need to introduce it even? Eventually, this is one of the most valuable technology fragments derived from AI. It allows businesses to interact with their customers throughout day and night and drive them towards the purchase. It is called the virtual assistant, where companies get to answer users’ questions without the involvement of any human efforts.

And worth to mention some of the blue-collar companies, such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are using it in their business models.

#2 ML- Machine Learning

Indeed, this is one of the most popular AI technologies that help different businesses to create meaningful app solution. Whether it is forecasting or predictive assessment ML leads the business to an acme.

#3 Biometrics

With the help of biometrics (an AI technology), it turns out to be easier to identify, analyze, and measure human behavior. It further helps in recognizing the physical aspects, structure, shape, and size of the human body. Further, this very technology is extremely beneficial to check the voice, gesture control, and sensory recognition. 

#4 Natural Language Technology

No, no, it is not NLP but NLT- Natural Language Technology, used for incredible customer support service and is widely used by organizations to create reports and market reviews effortlessly.

#5 Emotion Recognition

Is it possible??? Well, with the advent of technology this is no more a far-distance aspect, but it is very much possible. With the help of AI technology, it becomes simple to read human emotions from their face. The very mechanism of this technology utilizes advanced image processing or audio data for emotion recognition. It further captures human senses with accurate voice intonation and subtle speech signals, to give the perfect result.

#6 Speech Recognition Technology

The voice control system enables mobile phones to use speech recognition, like Cortana and Siri. In this technology humans only need to give commands and the technology fulfills it. In this technology, human speech is decoded and converted into a format that a computer understands. The latest AI trends help different businesses to bring convenience to the users while accessing different services through voice command only.

How to integrate Artificial Intelligence in the mobile app?

Well, there is no rocket science behind, you simply need to decide on the type of AI technology, that you are planning to feature in your app, followed by some of the steps, mentioned herewith:

  • The searching option in the app needs to be optimized
  • Include audio or video recognition within the app.
  • Create a learning pattern depending on your requirements
  • Develop a smart and amiable digital assistant

Willing to leapfrog your competitors??? Invest in AI mobile apps!

Food for thought

AI mobile apps are here to stay, and their golden period has started already. Hence, it is an engaging factor for your business and its enormous benefits would definitely revolutionize the way you access services and grab them for your better ROI goal. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and it will help you secure a personalized user experience approach with the integration of AI technology in your app solution.

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