Facebook and Instagram dashboards helping in time management

Facebook and Instagram


Today Instagram and Facebook dashboard are introducing new platforms to let us know about how an individual is spending on an application. These dashboards come with setting for daily limits and temporarily muting push notifications. The new set of features, popularly known as “Your time on Facebook” and “Your activity” on Instagram, are specifically designed to address concerns for addiction that helps feedback loops built for social apps and is detrimental to users well-being.

Eventually, with time these features will roll out to all users globally. To let all know about the new features on social media sites like Facebook, individuals can tap the button with three vertical lines, which is also known as the hamburger menu, usually found in the bottom-right corner of the app. Further, one can scroll down to “Your time on Facebook” and tap. While for Instagram, one can find “Your activity” inside the settings menu, which can be accessed by tapping the gear icon of any profile.

The Facebook dashboard shows a bar chart of the time an individual has spent in each app over the past seven days. For more data, one can tap on any bar to see the exact amount. From there, one can choose time one wishes to spend inside the Instagram and Facebook app dashboard in five-minute increments.

Interestingly, once you’ve reached that time, the app will automatically send a reminder about hitting the daily limit; as we advance, an individual can continue browsing. One can also manage notification settings from the dashboard, followed by a new feature that allows muting for up to eight hours.

Unfortunately, over time Facebook business and other tech companies are facing intense issues and complaints. As per reports, they are aggressively courting user’s attention throughout the day. Both internal and academic research states that Facebook did acknowledge passive consumption of the News Feed could make people feel bad. Earlier,Google and Apple added system-level features to Android and iOS to help people understand how much time they spent pending in apps and wanted to restrict that time. Social media is the new normal, and the benefits of using a social media dashboard for business are endless. Below mentioned are the few reasons why they are crucial:

  • Productivity
  • Tracking
  • Collaboration
  • Scheduling
  • Analytics

Today social media dashboards manage more or less every social account such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, and from a single platform or dashboard for that matter. One can engage in various activities from a single place. Below listed are the few ones:

  • Reply to direct messages
  • Engagement with followers helps
  • Publishing content helps
  • Check analytics of content
  • Try to manage all profile from a single platform
  • Complete overview of Social media calendar helps
  • Monitor hashtag performance, brand keywords and campaigns
  • Social Media Analysis counts
  • Overall performance of the team is crucial

The eight popular social media dashboard tools are:

1. AgoraPulse: 

2. Hootsuite

3. Sprout Social

4. Reportgarden

5. Sendible

6. SocialOomph


8. Buffer

The new updates are rolling out on Facebook and Instagram. Nothing is right or wrong when it comes to managing business with social media tools. Few things to keep in mind before consideration are:

  • Is the usage restricted explicitly to social media or something more than that?
  • The number of profiles important?
  • Do you have a budget of less than $25/mo?

Above mentioned criteria will eventually help you make a choice. Every tool has a different look and feels, features, and pricing. Choosing the right one depends on individuals business needs. Out of plenty of options, the most popular ones are:

  • Small business: AgoraPulse or SproutSocial
  • Value for money (With basic analytics): SocialPilot
  • Agency and Enterprise: AgoraPulse or HootSuite


Today building brand presence is crucial for any business. Social media makes things easy and is also helping to establish a direct line of communication between the customers and the company. It’s more of a medium through which the customers can instantly access the latest buzz around their interests regarding business.

However, managing social media accounts is not a cake walk. From business point of view, the online market is open 24/7, and in order to generate revenue, one has to generate leads day and night to get ahead in the competition. Needless to mention it is difficult to be present online all the time and manage all accounts for business round the clock. Hence, the need for tools to automate any business on the internet is the need of the hour.

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