8 Market Research Tips to Perfect Your Marketing Strategy

Market Research

Market research can be tough to approach. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can lead us down paths that don’t end up being all that helpful. To avoid this in the future, keep these 8 market research tips in mind.

Search the Search Engines and Question Forums

When it comes to asking ourselves questions about how to approach marketing, we often think of solutions first. Rather than jump ahead, go back to the questions that sit at the forefront of our audience’s mind. Websites like Quora or Ask are a great place to see what people think about an industry, a product, or what they like to see.

Doing some digging around search engines doesn’t hurt either. Take to Google and Bing and type in relevant information or questions to see what comes up. The higher the listing, the better it ranks in terms of helpfulness, clicks, and search engine optimization. These are things we should be emulating in our new marketing strategy, so take good notes!

Check Out Popular Alt-Social Media Sites like Reddit

Reddit might not be a true social media platform, but it is a conversational forum-based site that boasts 430 million monthly users. Why is Reddit important? Well, when we look beyond the cat memes and silly videos, we can find a ton of groups of people who join “subreddits” that pose questions, talk about various subjects, and engage with each other daily.

If we can spot a few relevant Reddit groups to explore, we can find a treasure trove of insights that can help steer our new marketing plan in the right direction. Exploring these popular alternatives to social media is a favorite practice of any top digital strategy agency.

Set up a survey

Surveys are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a survey gets direct audience feedback in a clear and calculated way. On the other hand, it’s not always easy to get people to participate in them.

When in doubt, put a bit of marketing dollars behind a survey. Marketing budgets after COVID-19 are a bit rough and depleted, so every dollar counts. Ensuring a survey reaches the right people can be an effective way to get market research that will make an impact on our strategy. Social media is a great place to put that marketing budget into boosting your linked survey.

Take a peek at relevant Facebook groups

Speaking of Facebook, there’s a good chance we’re all on the social media site as both individuals and with our business or organization. Facebook Groups boasts 1.8 million members across tens of thousands of different groups. While it might not be feasible to do market research on all Facebook users, Groups offers a helpful place to start.

Take some time to explore Groups relevant to where the marketing focus ought to be heading. We can learn a lot by seeing what these groups discuss and talk about.

Keep an eye on the competition

We all probably know about researching the competition, but let’s make sure we’re doing it strategically. That means ensuring we take time to pinpoint our closest competition in terms of who could be posing a threat to possible clients and customers.

You might not know every competitor thanks to the growth of online shopping and services. To pinpoint this, hop onto Google and search your specific niche field or industry. Find the ones showing up at the top and start digging into what makes them successful

Turn to book reviews to learn more about readers and storytelling

Surprise, surprise! Amazon book reviews can tell us a lot about what readers like and don’t like in a story. Why does that matter for marketing? A good marketing strategy should tell as story.

Learn from what resonates with the audience by searching a few books relative to your field. It’ll help a ton in deciphering what campaigns in the future should utilize in terms of narrative and delivery.

Ask your audience

If we’re not finding the information we’re looking for, then there’s a solution we sometimes forget: just ask!

It might sound simplistic, but posing questions to our audience can be an easy way to get a dialogue going. Social media is the perfect place for this as it’s a direct line of communication and always active.

Keep checking customer behavior and analytics

Last but absolutely not least, don’t stop checking internal analytics as a form of market research. This is the best way to decipher what is working and what isn’t. C Combining all of these tips together with internal insights will help catapult our reach and engagement with current and potential customers through 2021 and beyond. And to ease things out, you are definitely open to contact a few SEO agencies in the UK that will help with the best marketing strategies.

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