Things one should know about Shipping & Freight Forwarding in 2022


As a business owner engaging with freight forwarding, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. There are many factors in logistics that need to be taken into consideration before employing a freight forwarding service to get your goods from one location to another. From the customs laws to the time taken and the shipping method, you need to know the basics of every process.

While there is no limit to the knowledge that you can have about shipping and freight forwarding, here are certain basics that you need to be aware of when it comes to shipping and freight forwarding in 2022.

Hire a Reliable Freight Forwarder

Most of the experience that you can gain through shipping will be through your contact with your freight forwarder. Whether you are based locally or internationally, the freight forwarder you choose should be experienced enough to handle the business professionally and meet all the customer expectations. Service providers like FBA Freight Forwarder China are ideal for such purposes as they offer international freight shipping and responsible handling of cargo.

Know All the Methods of Shipping

Shipping Method

The first thing that you will have to know while looking for a reliable freight forwarder will be the type of shipping methods available. The available methods of freight forwarding include ocean freight, air freight, express shipping. Railroad and land shipping are mainly used for freight forwarding in the same country. The fastest method of freight forwarding is express shipping followed by air freight, but the cargo weight is limited in air freight methods.

Ocean freight can carry the heaviest of cargoes, but it is also a method that will take a long time to reach the destination. Typically the price of shipping is decided by factoring and the weight of the cargo and the distance that is to be traveled. Express shipping is the most expensive way of freight forwarding, followed by air freight. Sea freight forwarding is considered to be the most economical method even though it is time taking.

Know the Range of Services

Service range

Different freight forwarders have a different range of services that they can provide to their customers. The services can also vary based on the distance and the method of shipping. Some of the common services offered by freight forwarders include:

  • Packaging
  • Customs
  • Insurance
  • Storage
  • Management
  • Documentation
  • Consulting

Once you know the range of services offered, think about how well they can serve you. Whether you are new to freight forwarding or have been shipping internationally, you should always be updated on the services already offered and the new services introduced by your freight forwarder.

Consider Hiring an Agent

Freight forwarding will require expertise to manage every little detail so that the cargo reaches its destination and follows all the customs rules and regulations. As a business owner, you would need to decide if you can do it yourself or you need help from an individual contractor. You can hire an agent to manage all the details and ensure everything is done how it is supposed to be done. However, if you feel confident in managing the shipping process on your own, you can handle the documentation and the management yourself as well. Connect your ERP, TMS, spreadsheet, or other systems to VIZION’s container tracking services to get a complete view of all your containerized shipments with easy access to all key milestone details when necessary.

Delays are Natural

There are many unpredictable factors when it comes to the different methods of freight forwarding. Delays can happen based on the time it takes for the documentation to be processed, the clearance of the customs forms, technical issues, the checking of the cargo when it reaches the destination, and weather conditions when sea and air freight is concerned. As a customer, you can consider the possible delays and ship your product well before the deadline so that when it is delivered, it does not damage your business.

Know all the Documentation Needed

As mentioned above, the freight forwarding company will handle all the documentation and the customs regulations. Nevertheless, as the owner of the cargo that is being shipped, you should be aware of all the documentation required during the shipping of the cargo internationally or locally. If you want to double-check the documentation, you can do so so because it is important for shipping legally.

The documentation that is commonly essential in freight forwarding is as follows:

  • Bill of lading
  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certification of origin
  • Inspection certificate
  • Export declaration
  • Export license

Choose the Right Product


While shipping Internationally, you need to keep in mind the laws and restrictions on the import and export of the country you are shipping from and the country you are shipping to. For instance, while shipping from guangzhou to usa, you will need to be aware of the export laws of China and import laws of the US. Typically restricted items include toxic or perishable items, sharp objects, or flammable substances. Your freight forwarder can assist you in determining what products are restricted.

There might be restrictions in the receiving country about certain products. If you are shipping items that fall into the restricted list, then your cargo will not be accepted into the country. You will have to choose the right product based on demand and customs clearance. There is no use shipping a product that does not have a customer base and will not be received well in the country you are delivering it to.

Take Advantage of the Network

Each freight forwarder has its own international network that they use to effectively deliver the cargo of their customers. You should know how to take advantage of their contacts and expand your business into localities that might have a great demand for your products. The networking of a freight forwarder also comes into play while reducing the shipping time and providing effective services.


Now you know the essential things that will help you with freight forwarding in 2022. Half of your work will be reduced if you choose a reliable freight forwarder for your business. Be aware of the deadlines for managing cargo better. Do not be afraid to research more about the industry before you contact a shipping company.

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