5 easy step when start a blog to earn money

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Let me know if you are very serious about making money. Starting a blog is an easy turn to go.
Here we will discuss few steps that helps you to start a blog and make money.

Jesse Owens said “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort”.

List of journey to start a blog:

Journey 1: Create a new blog

The first thing that you have to remember is choose a topic so that you can start a blog. And then where you publish it i.e. where you will write, publish and manage everything. So choose a platform like blogger, WordPress or any other blogging site where you can host your blog.

Journey 2: Let others help you to create your blog

You can not start your blog alone rather than just write article and article but no success. Get help with other website how they started and maintaining regularly. For e.g. rank your seo, provide ads, market on social media etc.

Journey 3: Start writing

After you get the knowledge you can start blogging. So few things you need to remember before starting:

  • Keyword search
  • Design your blog
  • Related tags
  • Related categories
  • Attractive images

Journey 4: Promote it

For popularity you need to market it to customers. Otherwise they will not know your thoughts.
Few online marketing tools that helps you:

  • Websites
  • Email marketing
  • Social networking
  • Webiners
  • Forums

Journey 5: Its time to make money

Business can be more than your daily jobs if you make so. Learn about ad network and affiliate marketing that will help to earn money from your blog.

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