The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your TikTok Following


TikTok is one of the social media sites that has gained popularity across the globe due to its user-friendly features and a huge variety of content. The platform is popular among all age groups and is being used both personally and professionally to gain popularity and for promotion.

What matters the most on any social media channel is the number of likes and views you receive on your content. And most of these likes you receive are from your followers. Hence having an ever-increasing fan following is a must if you want to grow your account. In this article, we have shed some light on the importance of fan following on TikTok.

So, come let us find out the strategies that you need to employ to grow your TikTok following.

Why Should You Grow Your Following on TikTok?

TikTok is a platform that allows both a novice and a professional to upload their videos. But the question is should you invest your time and money in growing your followers on TikTok? The answer is affirmative and below are the reasons behind it:

1. The platform’s algorithm

The TikTok algorithm is quite different from its counterparts in the fact that it shows a personalized “For You” page that is different for every user. Hence, if a user is into the kind of content that you are making, it is highly likely that they will come across your content soon.

2. Open to everyone

The platform is open to everyone. In fact, the common public posts their content on the platform, and the common public views it. A common man or woman can become a celebrity on the platform.

3. User-friendly app

The user interface of the TikTok app is quite easy to navigate and user-friendly. Even a new user can navigate through the app very smoothly without much help.

4. Something for everyone

Whatever content you are looking for, you will find it on the platform. Be it dance videos or tutorials about a complex robotic problem, you will find them on TikTok. The platform has videos for every age group and demographics.

5. The TikTok community

Once you are on the platform, you become part of a community that has the same interests as you. You can learn something new with each piece of content and get entertained in the process.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of being on TikTok, let us find out tips and tricks to grow your TikTok following.

Tips to Grow TikTok Followers

1. Engagement is the key

Engage with your community on TikTok. Follow fellow creators, like posts, and leave comments on their posts. Also, engage with your audience and you can also reply with a video on a comment. After all, TikTok is a big community with diversity.

2. Keep a library ready for future postings

Keep some videos handy to upload on the platform. You can post those videos in different formats. This means that you have content ready at hand in case you do not get time for shooting some new content.

3. Be consistent with the quality of your content

The content that you post on the platform should be of top-notch quality. Make sure your content is of the best quality. Also, know when to push your content to the platform. Schedule the time for your postings along with the frequency of your posts.

4. Experiment with your content

Always strive to post something new on the platform. Avoid posting repetitive content as it may bore your audience.Hop on the trend wagon, use trending music and songs, and create something new and entertaining. You can also post your old content with a new twist.

5. Participate in challenges, duets, and stitch

Duet with other creators’ videos and give your own commentary on the video or you can make your own video with a twist. With the stitch feature, you can use someone else’s video as an intro to your own video for 5 seconds. Create a challenge of your own or participate in an ongoing one. Challenges can get viral on TikTok.

6. Cross-promote your videos

Nowadays most of the users are active on all social media platforms. So, it is advised to promote your videos on other social media channels as well. You may need to adjust your video size according to different platforms requirements before posting.Users on other platforms that like your video might start following you on TikTok as well.

7. Save other creators’ videos

If you come across a video that you find interesting and you think that you have an idea in mind to reinvent that video, save that video in your “favorites”. In the future, if you are out of ideas, visit your “favorites” section and you will get tons of ideas.

8. Create a niche for your content

It may sound convincing to post your content for every user on the app. But believe us when we say that not everything is liked by everyone. Each user has their own preferences. Hence, decide on the kind of audience you want for your content and post accordingly. This will allow relevant followers to follow your account and you will gain new relevant followers.

9. Use a call-to-action approach

Always remind your audiences to like and follow your content at the end of your videos. You can also ask them to share your videos. This will act as a reminder to your followers and you might gain more followers in the process. We hope this would be your go-to guide whenever you are working on increasing your follower count on the platform. Also, if you are looking for some genuine and legal “likes”, go for FBPostLikes. It is a social media growth tool that boasts of providing real “likes” for various social media channels. You just have to spend a minimal amount to avail of their services.Come, let’s enter into the TikTok world with a bang.

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