The Road Less Travelled: Why Ambar Raj Chose Sustainable Skincare with Wild Oak?

Wild Oak

Imagine leaving behind a job that pays loads – like a 1.5 crore job – to follow a dream. That’s exactly what Ambar Raj did when he started Wild Oak, all because he believes in taking care of our planet and living sustainably.

So, how did Ambar get this idea? Well, he spent four amazing years traveling around Europe, living the dream as a digital nomad. While there, he saw how some places are all about living healthy and not hurting the environment. This inspired him big time. He thought, “Why not bring this awesome way of living back to India?”

And that’s how Wild Oak came to light in 2023. It’s more than just a brand; it’s like a movement, pushing for us to think about how we can live well without polluting the Earth.

But Wild Oak isn’t just about being eco-friendly. It’s also about being real and high-quality. They use cool, eco-friendly packaging and fill their products with natural ingredients from all over the world. And their products are free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial colors or fragrances.

Because Why Settle for Less?

Yes, Wild Oak products might cost a bit more, but they’re hitting it off with people who want their skincare to not only work well but also match their values. And with a recent boost of 500K USD in funding, Wild Oak is all set to do even more good stuff.

This isn’t just about selling things. Wild Oak skincare is trying to change how we see natural and sustainable products, kind of like what Tesla did for cars. It’s all about making choices that are good for us and the planet.

They’re aiming to sell over 100,000 units every month, and every sale helps us get closer to a cleaner, greener future. The feedback from customers? It’s super inspiring and keeps Wild Oak going strong on its mission.

So, why join us on this journey with Wild Oak? It’s all about celebrating nature’s power in a way that’s pure, and natural, and respects our planet. Let’s work together to make living sustainably not just a choice, but the way we all live.

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