The importance of SEO traffic for your website ranking

Benefits of SEO

SEO traffic” refers to the number of visits made by Internet users to a given website. It is a particularly important performance indicator in SEO, but beware: a site’s success cannot be measured by its traffic alone. SEO traffic must be combined with other indicators that will enable you to further improve your site and its conversion rate in particular.

Why is traffic an important factor in improving your website’s visibility? How can you generate more traffic? We explain how in this article.

Traffic refers to the number of visits made by several Internet users to the same website. There are two main types of traffic: organic traffic and paid traffic. Organic traffic is the traffic that a website generates through natural referencing. Paid traffic refers to clicks on paid advertisements offered to web users via Google Ads, for example.

To gather together all the data relating to traffic, we also need to distinguish between several sources of traffic. These are

  • Direc traffic: web users arrive directly on the website without going through Google.
  • Social traffic: Internet users are directed to the site via a social network.
  • E-mail traffic: this comes from e-mail marketing.

In the early days of the Web, traffic was the main measure of a website’s popularity. Today, search engines provide site owners with much more comprehensive performance indicators.

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Why is traffic important for a website? 

A website’s SEO traffic is first and foremost important for marketing. By measuring the number of visits and impressions, the website owner can assess the impact of the marketing strategies implemented. It is therefore a way of gauging the impact of an inbound marketing strategy. Traffic is also a good indicator of where to place an advertising banner.

SEO traffic will also give you a better idea of your market. With an idea of the quantity and quality of your visits, you’ll be able to identify which pages are the most popular with web users. You’ll also be able to identify the products that generate a higher conversion rate. Monitoring website traffic will therefore help you to increase your sales and optimize your customer acquisition process. The more traffic you generate, the more important you will be in your market: qualified traffic is traffic that generates the greatest market share compared with your competitors.

 Of course, SEO traffic is also important for improving a site’s ranking on search engines. Google is very fond of sites with a lot of traffic, which is a sign of confidence.

How can you improve your website’s organic traffic?

There are two main strategies available to any website wishing to optimise its traffic: paid search and natural search.

As we have already explained on this blog, paid search can quickly optimise a site’s ranking. To maintain a good position, you need to invest constantly.

Natural search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy with lasting results. However, this optimisation method will bring qualified traffic to a website. Organic traffic accounts for almost 70% of a website’s traffic, so it is a fundamental acquisition lever.

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