The importance of screen time apps and why FamiSafe is the best one


The internet has changed almost all aspects of human life, including how our children seek information and entertainment. On the one hand, they are getting easier to learn but in practice, they are very vulnerable to various hidden dangers behind it. That is why Internet parental control applications such as the FamiSafe screen time App are so important to many parents in the world.

Internet parental control covers a lot of things but one of the most important is controlling the screen time or in other words, the time spent by children on their gadget screens.

Before going further, here are the common solutions to track kids’ screen time app:


1. Set a fairly strict schedule

Making sure your kids stick with a strict daily schedule is that the first solution. Give a fairly small proportion, just to provide opportunities for them to access cell phones. The largest proportion is directed towards physical activities such as studying, socializing, playing, sleeping, etc.

2. Switch them to other activities

You may be ready to investigate their interests and direct them to activities they’re curious about (except twiddling with their cell phones).

3. Prohibition of digital access in certain areas

You may be able to apply the rule in the dining room, gradually expanding it to other places such as the bedroom.

4. Give them good examples

How are you able to control the utilization of telephone s by children once you cannot free yourself from cell phone addiction?


5. Use a screen time parental control app

This is the final solution to take if you don’t want to steal your children’s cell phones and get into a conflict that is quite emotionally charged while allowing them to use cell phones with restrictions. This is a solution that we will discuss at length in this article.

The app allows you to manage screen time limits; controlling both the websites they access and the time they spend glued to the smartphone screen. In addition, the app has more severe measures such as restricting the use of certain apps or completely blocking the terminal. There are many screen time app software available on the market but supported our years of experience, FamiSafe is one among the simplest apps to limit screen time. So far, apps to limit screen time have proven effective in reducing the potential for gadget addiction in children. By blocking devices during certain hours, they can direct children to positive things such as improved sleep quality, reduced risk of vision problems from exposure to cell phone radiation, and reduced risk of addiction and cyberbullying.

About FamiSafe

As the name says, FamiSafe, which represents “Protected Family”, is one of the parental control apps with the largest number of functions available on the market today. In addition to being able to discover, prevent and protect your children from cyberbullying, there are several other functions that can make life easier for sinks on a daily basis, one of them is screen time function. To note, FamiSafe may be a simple screen time app. Best of all, it doesn’t require any technical skills or specific knowledge to be ready to use the appliance.

With FamiSafe, parents can set the screen time limits remotely as well as find out how their kids are using the apps embedded in their phones. Screen time setting is “a safe force attempt”, which minimizes the danger of telephone addiction in children. The lower their addiction level, the more productive they are. These are the basic rules. In some ways , smartphones do help your children to seek out information and even learn certain topics but on the opposite hand, it carries various hidden dangers; addiction, health problems, online predators, even cyberbullying.

Here are some features provided by FamiSafe as the best among apps to limit screen time:

Monitor Screen Time

This app is great. You can set screen deadlines by tracking, in detail, what proportion time your children spend on the average every day , week, or month. That way you can know exactly what time they spend too much time on their cell phones.

Preset Screen Time

You can create a schedule related to daily or weekly application usage that can be adjusted to a specific location and time, such as school, study time, and bedtime. With this feature, you can improve the quality of your children’s sleep, instead of leaving them unattended in their bedroom.

Block Devices

If your kids are severely addicted to cell phones, you may consider blocking their online devices with a screen time parental control app. FamiSafe provides a feature that permits you to dam devices temporarily. You can loosen the blocks once they show positive progress, meaning they not appear to possess addiction symptoms.

He is easily frightened for no reason. Beware, he may be experiencing cyberbullying. There are many cases where a toddler who experiences cyberbullying cannot shake social media applications which are the way for cyberbullying to enter. If that happens to your child then you have to take quick action, one of which is to operate FamiSafe, a screen time parental control app that also has the ability to dam certain applications and see what your children are talking about on the web .

Other features:

Location History. This screen time parental control app can track your child’s location supported the GPS location of their telephone .

Geofences. This app can allow you to line specific zones and obtain instant alerts if your children enter those zones.

Activity Report. You can monitor your children’s internet activity also as determine what applications they need installed.

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