Best Brands for Washing Machines in India

Washing Machine Brands

Considering the brand of the washing machine is one of the most important factors while you buy the best washing machine for your house. Why? It is the value that a particular brand has gained by providing a range of products and services to consumers. Every company wants to create a positive user experience so that they can acquire recurring consumers across the nation which leads to numerous options present for the customers to choose their most liked brand.

A washing machine is now considered a crucial element in urban households and it seems close to impossible to even think about living without a washer. So coming to a situation where one finds it difficult to choose from an array of washing machine brands is quite common. Majorly, there are two types of Washing machines available in India that’s Automatic and Semi-Automatic Washing Machines. Under Automatic, you have the option to choose from the front and top load setup types.

So choosing the one for yourself is a complex task and to help you in that, we have tried to list the best washing machine brands in India. This list is compiled based on the feedback we received from 990+ consumers. We ensure that by reading this article you will be in a position to make a better choice.

Let’s Begin.

Top 4 Washing Machine Brands in India

1. LG

If you are looking for a washing brand that specializes in cleaning performance. LG should be your first choice. You would find LG’s washing machine variants a bit higher priced than other competitive products but the money paid is worth it. According to our survey, 85% of LG’s customers are very satisfied with their purchase and are 100% sure to go with the same brand for future purchases.

LG offers an entire range of washers in all the categories that’s Semi-Automatic, Top Load Automatic, and Front Load Automatic.

In terms of Features, many advanced customer-oriented additions are being done to improve customer experience. 6 Motion and Direct Drive technology for better washing performance and less energy consumption. You can easily troubleshoot minor errors with the Smart diagnosis app from LG. Other features like stylish design, durable body material, child lock, automatic sensors, and a bundle of wash programs are also provided to the users for more convenience.

Please note before we compiled this list, we have evaluated 7 major factors following the below list: cleaning and drying performance, price compatibility, loading capacity, wash program options, Energy-saving features, and after-sales service from different brands.

2. Samsung:

One of the Biggest Home and kitchen appliances brands and second on our list. Samsung offers the best prices in the market and is considered the most customer-oriented brand in terms of service quality. If you are looking forward to buying an economical automatic washing machine with maximum product reliance, considering Samsung Top Loaders could be your first call. You can also click on Best Top Load Washing Machines to check the list of top-rated washers by Indian Customers,

3. Whirlpool:

This is the one which I personally like because I am a very design specific person and Whirlpool has got that. It has also received iF Design Award for one of its washing machine models. Also, you can enjoy many advanced features in the new age whirlpool washers. It has ZPF technology, Automatic sensors like auto detergent dosage recommendation, and many fabric oriented wash cycles which can ease the washing process without any doubt.

4. Bosch:

Bosch is generally known for the introduction of Front Load Washing Machines in India. It has got the best feedback for front load washing machines but makes sure the budget is not the primary problem. They offer the best cleaning performance and additional features like anti-vibration design and quick wash programs. You can also wash sensitive fabrics like Indian silk saree. Bosch has received more than 4+ rating out of 5 from 90% of their front load customers. So these are the top four brands to choose from for the best washer-dryer in India. I hope that you find this guide a helpful resource in your washing machine buying cycle. 

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