The Best Places to sell Samsung Gear Fit 2 for Good Cash

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Every year people accumulate electronic items on their shelves. You might not realize the worth of these undiscovered cash vending machines. 

Declutter your electronic goods and get good money out of them now! Not to underestimate the scam websites too.

If you’re wondering “Where can I sell my Samsung gear fit 2?”, then we have done our research and brought the best places for you.

Here are the 5 best places to sell your Samsung Gear Fit 2 and get instant cash. 


Although it seems like a daunting process, selling your Samsung Gear Fit 2 on Amazon is a straightforward process.

Start with setting up a third party seller’s account on Amazon. 

It asks for personal information like Name, Address and email address and tax information like GST number, PAN card and an active bank account details.

By enrolling into Amazon Sellers’ scheme, you get access to the wide range of customers who buy used goods. 

Enlist the specifications and product description clearly on it to present a clear picture for the potential buyers. 

While quoting the fee, you need to keep in mind the listing and final sale fee you have to provide to Amazon. 

If you intend to sell used electronics regularly, it is best to enrol for the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), which costs $39 per month and there are special benefits for it.  

Facebook Marketplace

Despite joining the sales league four years back, Facebook Marketplace has become the competitive selling platform for many products. 

The process is easy when you already have a Facebook account (who doesn’t!) 

However, ensure you clear away any personal information you don’t want to expose to the clients like phone number, location, and images.

Even though it is a great option to sell your used Samsung Gear Fit 2, some sellers mention they didn’t get the most use of it. 

To root it out in initial stages, list the price of your product clearly so that the buyers know what to expect from your product. 

Samsung Trade-in program

Selling in the home ground is the best out of all the options in the market. Among various Trade-in programs, Samsung provides various benefits for their used devices. 

A trade-in program lets you trade-in an eligible device to get the store credit you can use to purchase their new product.

Like any other trade-in program, you can’t list out damaged, used products in Samsung too. 

  1. Select the new device you want to buy-smartphone, tablet, smartwatch.
  2. Enter the Pincode to check the exchange offer availability. 
  3. Check if your device meets the trade-in exchange requirements.
  4. Trade-in with your old device.

If the trade-in is declined, Samsung ships your device to you for free of cost upon request.


Craigslist is a popular option to sell your Samsung Gear Fit 2. The best part is that they don’t charge you any money. 

While listing your product, do some research on the price to quote. 

When you sell on Craigslist, you have to meet the buyer in person to exchange money and the product simultaneously.

It is best to make this transaction in a public place. However, the downside is that it is difficult to find a legitimate seller. 

Communicate clearly to make the transfer smoother.  


Without eBay, this list is incomplete. Whatever the condition of your Samsung Gear Fit 2 or any other electronic device, eBay accepts it for good cash.

It has an appraisal tool to know the trending price for your device.

Additionally, it uses two formats to sell your electronics- Auction and “Buy it now!”

Using their Auction option, you get a variety of offers and make the sale quicker.

With the second one, you need to determine the price just like in Amazon. Ensure to mention the product clearly.

The Bottomline 

We hope this handful of options will help you decide “Where can I sell my Samsung gear fit 2?”

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