A guide to hiring a personal injury attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys focus on cases involving reckless or negligent acts of other people. It means it’s a better idea to hire a personal injury attorney than a lawyer who specializes in another field and does personal injury on the side. This cannot likely lead to you getting the best results for your money.

The good news is that personal injury attorneys at Valent Legal in Halifax, Nova Scotia usually focus on limited areas of personal injuries. As a result, these attorneys have the extensive experience and knowledge required to bring a successful outcome. This article is a guide to hiring a personal injury attorney.

Start with an initial consultation

Before you choose any specific personal injury attorney, make sure that you do an initial consultation with the potential attorney. In most cases, this can be a free service for many personal injury attorneys. Even if it’s not, remember that it’s worth it to interview and determine whether or not an attorney can be a good fit for your needs. This initial consultation at Valent Legal can also assist you to know if you have a good case.

That said, you should always avoid personal injury attorneys who solicit clients after they see that they were involved in accidents. The good thing is that many places ban this practice, so great personal injury lawyers may not take advantage of you. 

Consider settlement

Many personal injury cases usually settle before going to trial. While some cases can make it to trial, they may be stopped by a satisfactory settlement agreement during negotiations. 

Also, many cases may settle before filing an official lawsuit. In certain situations, defendants can choose to avoid negative publicity, so settling the case earlier can be the best option for them. An early settlement can sometimes reduce some costs that you may have incurred if there was litigation.

When it comes to an attorney’s fees, you need to know that there can be contingency fee arrangements. This is because some personal injury attorneys can know that you may have limited funds for litigation. So many personal injury attorneys can decide to work on your case and expect to get a certain percentage of the settlement.

But you may still be needed to pay for the other expenses. This is because the contingency fee only applies to the attorney’s work. This means you need to pay for the other expenses like filing costs, a delegation of tasks to a researcher, and many more. 

You can find some personal injury attorneys who pay these costs upfront, so you have to reimburse them from the settlement proceeds. On the other hand, some attorneys may ask you to pay for these costs out of your pocket once an expense is incurred.

It’s also important to know that personal injury cases can settle quickly if liability and damages are minimal and straightforward. However, some cases can also be quite complex, so there is a good chance that they can take more time. This is the reason why you need to hire a personal injury attorney with experience to give you the right estimate of how long your case may take.

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