The Best Places To Buy An Alligator Shear

Alligator Shear

An alligator shear is an essential tool for metalworkers, welders, HVAC technicians, and others who need to cut sheet metal and other tough materials. This rugged shearing tool can slice through metal up to 16-gauge mild steel, so it takes brute force that only its powerful jaw design can provide. When you are looking for a new alligator shear for sale, knowing where to get the best deals and selection makes a difference. Here are some of the top places to buy alligator shears.

Specialty Hardware Stores

Stores dedicated to hardware, tools, and industrial supplies should be your first stop when shopping for alligator shears. With high quality brands on their shelves, hardware stores like offer a terrific in-person shopping experience. Handle the alligator shears yourself to ensure good leverage and comfort. Inspect the blade alignment and joint tightness. Stores like these typically have very competitive pricing as well since they buy in bulk volume.

You can also check Solid Equipment Co.’s range of high-quality alligator shears for sale. The company offers different types of alligator shears and you can read all about their products on their official website.

Online Retailers

Major online retailers give you the widest selection of alligator shears without leaving your home. Amazon provides free shipping for Prime members and stocks industry leading brands. Their prices are tough to beat too. Home Depot have a very impressive inventory online as well, and often run special promotions and discounts. Finding an alligator shear for sale online is easy, and you save time by having them shipped directly to you.

Welding Supply Shops

Since alligator shears are essential for metal fabrication and welding projects, specialized welding supply retailers are a smart source.  These stores cater to welders, metal workers, HVAC pros, and industrial users. They understand which models are preferred for the work, and often offer value bundled deals on top brands.

Farm & Ranch Supply Stores

For cutting wire, fencing, corral panels, and agricultural materials, ranch and farm stores have you covered. Check Tractor Supply Company for the durability and grip strength needed for rural use. These stores stock livestock tools, fencing pliers, electric fence supplies, and all the alligator shears for sale you need for a ranch, farm, or acreage. With bargain prices, you can get more jaw strength for less money.

Flea Markets and Swap Meets

For finding discounted alligator shears, browsing local flea markets and swap meets can yield some great deals. Used alligator shears are often still in fine working order, since they are built to last years of regular use. As long as the joint is tight and blades aligned, used shears offer big savings. The bargains found at flea markets make it worth taking the time to dig through toolboxes.

Online Auction Sites

eBay and Craigslist are ideal for tracking down new and used alligator shears sold by individuals at discount prices. Search for specific brands or check every day for new auction listings. Facebook Marketplace is also helpful for connecting with people in your own community selling alligator shears. With some patience, online auctions can deliver big savings on this essential fabrication tool. When searching for alligator shears for sale either in-store or online, take time to inspect blade sharpness, grip comfort, brand reputation, and built quality. High carbon steel blades will stay sharp much longer than basic stainless steel. Finally, make sure to compare prices between retailers and auction sites. With some smart shopping, you can save money while still getting quality alligator shears that will snip through almost any metal.

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