5 Unique and Useful Ways to Improve your Writing

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Writing is an essential quality to have not only for writers but people in general. The ability to write gives us a platform to present ourselves to others. Some people get it naturally; others have to work for it. It is also a way for one person to teach, inform and educate other people. Writing is the tool that has helped us to preserve our rich culture even when there is no technology. It is still the most effective way to record things for our future generation. Writing is also an essential ability you need to succeed in life. It is also a way to enhance your knowledge, creativity, and imagination. Visit Ship 30 for 30 for tips and tricks about writing.

The modern world is run by technology and social media. We need it for entertainment, information, communication, expression, and most importantly, business. It would be best to write about your thoughts, blogs, or business plan for other people to read and understand. So it is a must that everybody, including people who do or do not write for a living, has minimum writing skills.

Here we have a few tips that can help you improve your writing skills-

Basics– The most common mistake people usually make is jumping to advanced stages and missing out on the basics. But it is a must that you know the basic principles of writing extensive essays or blogs or something as simple as a quote. It would be best to have a basic grip on grammar and spelling to express yourself. You don’t need a rich vocabulary provided you want to write for a living. But basic knowledge is a must.

Read first, Write later– Another essential thing is to be informed about the stuff you need to write. Only by reading and researching about topics will you write correctly and adequately. First, it would be best to be a keen reader before becoming a good writer. Reading brings an understanding of sentence structure, word choice, effectiveness, etc. It is always easier to understand other people’s mistakes than understand your own. By reading, you can figure out what other people lack and add that to your horizon.

Clear and Simple: Clear and Simple is the mantra you need to write beautifully. Firstly, you need to have a clear purpose for why you are writing what you’re writing. An unnecessarily wordy and complex piece won’t reach out to a huge mass. Only people with excellent writing skills will be able to grasp it. It will act as a clarity boost for many people who do not have a strong vocabulary if you simplify your writing.

Write pieces that reach straight to the point. It would be best if you were clear about the direction you want to write it. If you start a funny piece and turn to strict mode, an imaginary ending will lead you nowhere. Trust me, Bollywood is the only place where this tactic has worked out.

Anticipate before you write- The best way to achieve a perfect piece that satisfies your readers is to put yourself in your readers’ shoes. It helps you to understand what they want you to write. It would be best to organise your thoughts so that it is neither over nor explaining your point. Try and note that it isn’t a monologue but a conversation. That way, it keeps your audience engaged.

Writing Partner: The most effective way to improve your writing is by finding a partner who can give you much-needed feedback on enhancing your piece. Additionally, they alsopush and inspireeach other. Also, another person’s point of view can add a layer of different perspective to an otherwise one-directional article.


The most challenging step to becoming a writer is starting the process. Usually, people start to panic without even starting to write. But all you need is a clear plan and a general idea to begin the process and move from there. Trust me, and things work once from there. You can also take the help of apps that help you to write. There are many alternative to  scrivener that work efficiently. Go sit down, take a deep breath and start writing.

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