The Best Online Store Tips


Web design is constantly evolving and looking for new opportunities to increase the success of online stores. The battle is about finding the right elements that must be contained in the online pages in order to gain customer trust.

We always view online stores as a tool we create for our customers, a tool that allows them to make loads of money.

This article is an address to online store owners. You need to be aware of things that improve an online store. In the following lines, we will look at several web design elements that will power your store with new strength.

Clean web design

This phrase is used very often, but every person understands it differently. With online stores, this means that the focus should be on the products offered. When a visitor arrives at the store, they must immediately understand what you are selling. The accumulation of all kinds of elements, flashing banners, pop-ups, and more will not turn a visitor into a customer.


The homepage is a great platform to showcase available promotions. These are the discounts you offer, free shipping, and everything else you can think of. Promotions should look tempting, use professional graphic design help, link each image to a specific URL, and include short text explanations for the promotions.

Effective navigation menu

The navigation menu must be constantly visible and accessible for visitors to navigate through the pages of the online store. In order to build an excellent navigation menu, light is needed on the information architecture. You need to know what are the main categories of the product catalog and what are the subcategories. The size of the product nomenclature and its heterogeneity is critical to the formation of the navigation menu.

Search engines are an integral part of good navigation. Many online shopping visitors know what they are looking for and want it right away. A search engine is a tool that can deliver it to them.

Recommended Products

Featured products are a great demonstration of what you have to offer. Through them, users will immediately understand what they can find in your online store.

In addition to the homepage, you can put recommended products on any product page. To this, we add similar articles and ones that are complementary.

References are clearly visible

To increase the weight of the online store you can show references from satisfied customers. They can be implemented directly on the homepage. Show a picture of a satisfied customer and a quote from his positive speech. Demonstrate that people are happy to work with you.

Great product images

Every product should have high-quality images. We would even say that one product image is not enough. Try to provide more. Customers want to see great photos of the goods you sell. Give them this opportunity, shoot items from at least two angles.

A step further in this direction is to add a video. Not all the goods you sell have a video clip. You can only do this to the most important, interesting, sought after. Videos are a great tool for boosting sales in online stores.

Well organized product information

Each product in the store catalog must have its own product page. It has detailed product specifications such as materials from which it is made; dimensions; colors; stock; reviews; rating; price; delivery.

This is not only important for customers, but it is also important for good old uncle Google. Complete each product page thoroughly and you will enjoy good results.

Quick Product Review is very useful for online store visitors. It allows them to view an article that caught their attention without losing the page they are on.

Clear prices for goods and delivery

When you sell goods, you should have clearly defined prices. Declare them in a large enough font. Did you know that one of the turning points for online commerce is the cost of shipping? That’s right, it can tilt the scales in the direction of purchase or rejection. Be honest about shipping prices so you don’t get annoyed with customers who choose to make a purchase.

Excellent calls to action

We have written entire articles on this topic, so we will briefly mention CTAs here. These are the invitations that encourage an online store used to take a specific action. We give a quick example: Buy Now. This is a critical button for online stores. It should be large enough, placed in the right place, in the right color.

The purchase process is easier

The Internet is full of studies that show that a large percentage of online shoppers are abandoning their shopping cart steps. Why? Because they see “interesting” shipping prices that were previously absent. Or they just don’t want to sign up for the online store, but just order online. In this line of thought, it’s a good idea to include a shopping option as a “Guest”. Another option is to exaggerate the number of steps a user has to take, sometimes online stores ask for too much information.

Unique design elements

Creating your own and interesting style is a challenge. On the one hand, you need to be authentic and, on the other, maintain a high level of usability. Sometimes overly creative, sophisticated solutions lead to a low level of usability. This means that users cannot navigate the online store well. Accordingly, sales will be remarkably small.

Factors that gain credibility

These are the items that you can include at the top and bottom of the online store (header, footer). We are looking for a business phone that customers can call when needed. Online chat to get instant consultation. Social widgets that show the company profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, number of fans, followers.

Most often, the bottom (footer) of the online store has security certificates (indicating that the shopping is safe and the user’s data is secure), payment methods (bank transfer, cash on delivery, credit/debit card, e- pay, easy pay, PayPal), the logos of the brands whose goods the store sells.


At the end of the article, we will add that every page should be search engine optimized. Online stores are a dynamic business and need constant support and improvements.  The only way to guarantee success.

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