Fashion Hacks to get through the Summer

Fashion Hacks

Ugh, it’s hot scorching summer again! And that brings those crazy brainstorming of styling yourself with cool summer looks. After all, who doesn’t like to be a trendsetter, right?

We feel that loose-fitting and breathable clothing is the best to beat the heat. Fabrics that touch less skin are more comfortable like flowy linen maxi dresses, loose Italian Linen Tops, cotton kurtis are some of the best picks for the summer season, rather than a pair of capris and skintight tanktop. You will feel more comfortable in loose outfits.

If you too are looking for some extraordinary summer trends for women then this infographic will surely help you to be a stunner. With the temperature rising, these summer hacks are bound to make you look stunning and perfectly cool. Try to choose fabrics like cotton, linen, rayon or other that are made up natural fibres. These types of fabrics are lighter and more breathable than synthetic ones. Cotton and linen are the best fabrics to wear on super-hot summer days. Avoid lined dresses and jackets, because that extra layer is enough to become a sweatbox in no time.

Also, drape the scarf over your head and shoulder to keep your body safe from too much of sun exposure as the scarves are so lightweight, that you’ll barely feel them.

It can be difficult to maintain your composure during the hot summer days. Therefore Belle Love Clothing have put together some summer fashion hacks in the below infographic on how to stay cool, calm and chic to beat the heat this summer.

Fashion Hacks

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  1. Summer is the perfect time for short outfits and protective styles. The perfect hairstyle to wear with a matching outfit can be the weave braid styles.

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