SMO and its Relationship with SEO


Before we dive into understanding the relationship between SMO and SEO, let’s read on to know what SMO actually is. It is short for social media optimization which is a tool to promote awareness, understanding and representation of a specific product. It is more like a strategy that brings consumers and producers together and closer in a more indirect yet trustable way. It means that while you’re scrolling through your Facebook timeline, you will find numerous ads related to your taste and interests. Even if you use Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or any other social media forum, you will find ads popping up, displaying objects of your interest. For a second you may be surprised how an ad just according to your need popped up but sooner or later you will understand how this all works.

Machine learning and data mining have helped consumer analysts learn about the interests and needs of people by gathering the statistics of how people performed on their websites, pages etc. There is a huge role played by the SEO experts in this. If the SEO expert knows when to push the sales on the social media forums so that it reaches maximum audience, you will see growth and progress in your business by making a huge number of sales over days. The SEO expert should also know when to run campaigns and to what audience. If he knows how to read data mining and masters machine learning, he is going to profit you a good deal. This is where the word optimization comes from. Social media optimization has a huge demand now for almost every person around the globe used at least one of the social media forums, amongst which Facebook is the most famous of all. Facebook is also extremely smart at keeping records of its user’s details: age, ethnicity, geolocation, interests, and gender etc. – which is why most retailers go for this platform in order to advertise and market their product. You will notice Instagram achieving the same point when it comes to this.

Objective of SMO

With the main objective to create representation of your product, SMO works to promote sales and marketing by using multiple forms of strategies. You will see written-text as well as attractive video clips for the sake of promotion. These helpful strategies help in sharing and resharing of your content which is highly dependent on the usefulness of your content. It also helps in implementing ORM, which means, if the product displayed in your screen gets a bad review, it will oppositely help the analysts in taking in account the things that ought to be fixed in the content because what you need is to be at the top position in SERPs. For that matter, you need to make sure, you quality of your content is not compromised.

What does SMO depend on?

Social Media Optimization greatly depends on the quality of the content that you choose to display on the screen of your viewer. If the content is not helpful, your viewer would only be confused about making the decision: whether he wants to buy your product or simply want to scroll down. The question, what kind of a content is then helpful for the viewers? Does it have to be visually attractive? Does it have to be convenient? Does it have to be useful? What are those things that make up a great advertisement in order to support the sale of your product?

The answer to that is, all of the above. When you think of these questions, make sure you don’t have just one answer to follow because it is always the sum of contents that make the whole piece complete. For example, if your content provides the complete information about the product and is not misleading to the viewer, there are good chances that he will click on the item and check it out. When your content does not receive a review, that is mostly because it did not give a good impression to the audience. For you want to channel the traffic to your website or application, you should be careful of the seasonal sales, coupons and discounts, offered exclusively by your online company, to your valued audience. This way it develops interest as good as trust with the audience and they would want to definitely come back. Make sure you have a strategy planned to get them back at your website. Offer them free coins or coupons that they can use on the next purchase.

What kind of a bond is it between SMO and SEO?

Search engines are now taking in their user’s feedback at ranking websites or pages in SERPs. Social media optimization has greatly advanced in this regard for it has to take into account the visual representation of websites and links that requires better web designs and well-written content. Search engine will work best in this regard by providing the ranking of the best performing website to the one that works just fine. Search engines are now helping in giving some extra stock in to the given list of searches. This personalized searching works on the information taken from social media forums – information like your location, interests etc. It means that on social media, you will get the objects of your requirement from the nearest places possible. In short, SMO and SEO work together to make your shopping a lot more easy by shortening the list of things that you usually undertook to find the right thing from the right place. Online marketing for the producers and online shopping for consumers are a great blessings that would not have been possible with internet. As long as the internet is working and it keeps the e-commerce alive, there are chances we will see great changes in the economy of the world. But all of this is possible only if one uses the internet that supports the devices and provides enough speed and data to ensure smooth working. For that matter, we will recommend Spectrum deals that would not only be convenient, but would also be excellent when it comes to quality.

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  1. Nice post. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important things for the smooth running of a big website. SEO helps you to get more traffic from various sources and repetitive visitors. Of course, it is not magic. However, it provides a business visibility, branding, traffic, high ROI, credibility, and insight into consumer behavior. It takes a lot of time to master it. But, it is not impossible.

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