Key Ways Your Smartphone Can Help Improve Your E-Learning Experience

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The existence of devices such as smartphones has greatly helped students and people in the academe learn about a lot of subject areas. The presence of the internet also made it possible for us to access all sorts of learning materials at the touch of our fingertips. Unfortunately, not all information on the internet is “friendly” for smartphones, which can make it difficult for us to have a pleasurable learning experience. Here are key ways your smartphone can help improve your E-Learning (electronic learning) experience.

Learn on the Go

Smartphones provide an extremely convenient way for us to access everything we need in our day to day life. We have access to all our contacts and methods to communicate with them, such as calls and messages. We have access to other utility applications such as calendars and calculators, social media, and even games. It only makes sense that we can actually use our smartphones as an avenue for e-Learning by learning how to utilize its many features to give us access to learning materials anytime and anywhere.

  • You can easily access all the learning tools you need through your smartphone. This allows you to learn anytime, anywhere, even while traveling.
  • You can choose lessons you’re comfortable learning about depending on your circumstances. Meaning you can just use your downtime to learn instead of just scrolling through social media.

Integrate Learning With Digital Lifestyle

You can start making your feed more e-Learning friendly by subscribing and following reputable sources of knowledge, such as news sites.

  • Try to follow pages that actively provide videos and articles of informative content that can augment your learning experience. You might be scrolling on your profile, but you can at least find a nugget of knowledge here and there.

The Internet is the Limit

The internet’s growth is extremely crucial to the development of various trends and norms that we have in society. In fact, it’s as if our technology grows alongside the internet, as the internet continues to be the repository of many things at the same pace we learn. It only makes sense that the internet will almost be the first place to go to if we want to find anything remotely related to our interests and learning new things. As such, if our smartphones can conveniently access the internet, then we really have the means to have a more fruitful e-Learning experience on the palm of our hands.

  • There are countless of sites that offer a wide array of information that you can store to your benefit. The key is to know where they are and how to save them.
  • Try to learn how your phone’s browser works so you can understand how to bookmark pages you want to read especially if you want to learn new information.
  • If there’s a way to save pages offline, then do so, as this allows you to read about new things even without a connection.
  • There are also applications that allow you to type and save notes, and even share them across the internet. You can use this to organize your own notes and even share them with other people around you. This is a handy way of sharing what you’ve learned.

Free Tools Are Everywhere

The growing expansion of the internet comes with the fascination to learn how it works. In fact, numerous individuals are now starting to take courses on programming, and learning on their own. Their skill-sets have allowed them to create a number of tools that are both free and subscription based that can help benefit their fellow users. Smartphones are no different, as experts are slowly beginning to build more and more means to allow individuals like you and me have access to learning tools and store them in our own devices. The abundance of free tools allows us to tailor our smartphones to be the kind of learning tool we need.

  • There are actually a lot of free tools that you can use to augment your learning process.
  • Tools such as mobile document viewers and creators can make your smartphone into a powerful note-taking and presentation-creating device.
  • You can save files across all sorts of formats and view them as you please through your smartphone.
  • Aside from free tools, there are actually numerous websites with free online courses that you can access at the palm of your hand. Some of these require registration, and subscription fees can be paid to have certificates printed, but these websites can offer comprehensive learning experiences for things you’re interested in.

Sharing is Caring

If the advent of social media taught us anything, it’s that we’re not alone in our journey to learn. In fact, the internet has a lot of places, websites, and forums that actually have a lot of like-minded individuals. Our smartphones provide quite a handy tool to allow us to connect with them and learn alongside them. If we start using this to our advantage, then we may very well have the capability and the means to learn with everyone around us. We’re contributing to a society that constantly learns as society grows.

  • You can easily find numerous groups, forums, and websites with communities on interests you have. If you want to create your own “club” related to an e-Learning experience, you may even find people willing to learn with you.
  • Your smartphone is a handy way to connect with individuals with like-minded interests. You can organize group chats and group calls that can allow you to discuss almost any topic anytime, anywhere.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals in order to share information with one another and improve your knowledge in genres you want to learn about.


E-Learning or electronic learning is becoming a popular method of teaching for various schools and academics. The growing popularity of devices such as tablets and smartphones make teaching material easily accessible by the common student, but these materials are not always learner-friendly. TheBuzzTech tips above can help transform your smartphone into an innovative E-Learning experience device. This can allow you to not only learn better through digital means, it can actually make it a more comfortable experience.

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  1. The blog is extremely informative and tells us elaborately about how to make the right use of your smartphones. This is true that using a smartphone for learning and studying courses make it more convenient and easy for us. One can access the online courses anytime, anywhere. One thing that I feel you must have included in the blog was the names of some popular e-Learning courses which are compatible with smartphones. Anyway, it is a well-written informative blog.

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