4 Simple Ways of Creating a More Relaxed Workplace

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For many people, going to work is a necessary but unpleasant chore. A job that is demoralizing and a business that doesn’t inspire its workforce are both unsustainable. Business owners should always be aiming to keep their workers happy and productive. There is an endless array of techniques that business owners can use to enhance the productivity of their workforce, and nurturing their happiness should be one of the first that they reach for.

Creating a more relaxed workplace will create a more relaxed workforce. This won’t just have a potentially dramatic impact on your efficiency, it will enhance your business’s reputation and make yours more attractive than your competitors. But while this is a powerful technique, it isn’t a difficult one to utilize.

Why You Should Relax Your Workplace

A happy worker is a productiveworker. If you want to encourage your employees to be more productive in an organic and sustainable way, a more relaxed workplace is a relatively easy way of achieving this. You can make some surprisingly large efficiency gains by making a few simple adjustments to the setup of your workplace.

Enhancing the feel of your main premises won’t just help to get the most out of your employees; it will also make your workplace more appealing to visitors. This could prove to be a real boon when it comes to your recruitment, as potential recruits will be falling over themselves to land a role at your business. If you want to create buzz in an industry trade magazine or go viral online, a unique yet effective workplace setup is much more likely to generate interest.

Use Home Furniture

A simple but very powerful psychological trick you can use is to simply introduce more home-style furniture into your office. Bringin plants, tables, chairs, couches and other furniture and furnishings that are designed for the home rather than an office. These items will all have been designed to create a homely feel and will lead to a much more organic work space for your employees.

Not only will your office feel much more homelike, but your employees will naturally feel more relaxed and at ease. If you look around, you should be able to find home furnishings that are every bit as practical as office furniture. However, that isn’t to say that you should abandon office furniture entirely – your workplace should ideally combine the two styles of furniture together.

One way of achieving this is to give your workers office furniture for their workplace and home furniture for the break room, or for dedicated spaces on the office floor. Rather than an unbroken arrangement of cubicles or rows of computers, break up these work spaces with more comfortable, more relaxed furniture. These more relaxed spaces are much better for relaxing and creative thinking.

Encourage Flexibility

Many workers spend their entire day stuck behind a desk, with only the occasional walk to the water cooler or the bathroom to break up the monotony. This can have a profound negative impact on their overall well being, as well as their productivity. However, advances in technology over the last decade or so mean that there is no need for workers to be leading this kind of professional lifestyle.

Cloud computing has been game-changing for businesses across the full spectrum. Cloud technologies have allowed us to store and access files and log in to networks remotely. This has profound implications for our ability to access and modify files on a corporate network from home, making working from home a possibility for a variety of positions within most businesses. Giving your workers access to this flexibility can dramatically enhance their productivity.

Of course, in order to keep your workplace relaxed, you will need to strike a fine balance between enabling your employees to work from home and intruding on their personal time with work. Make sure that your workers still have plenty of free time to themselves in order to unwind after they leave the office. Just give them the option of working from home for some of the time.

Flesh Out the Office Kitchen

Food is an important component of a relaxation routine for many of us. The right food at the right time can completely change our mood and our outlook on our day. Ensuring that your office kitchen is equipped with everything that employees need to prepare and eat whatever food they feel like can make a potentially huge difference to their outlook.

You should also make sure that the office kitchen provides a space in which workers can eat together in a social way. Eating together as well as working together means that your employees will seamlessly transition from one space to another, while still feeling free to discuss their work.

Create Space Just for Relaxing

Every good office needs to have a break room, and every good break room needs to be furnished properly. Make this space the ideal place for your employees to go when they need to not only take a break, but to let out some of the inevitable stress that builds throughout the work day. In order to achieve this, make sure that there is plenty in your break room to keep your workers relaxed.

For example, this company offers affordable HDTV through a simple device that plugs into your television. This is will make a welcome addition to any break room. Combine it with a games console and you will have a room with something for everyone.

Think beyond electronic devices when you are populating your break room. If you have enough space, think about adding a ping-pong table or a dart board. There’s no shortage of games and activities that are suitable for adults that you can introduce to your break room. Not only are these all great ways to relax, they are also great ways for your workers to bond with one another.

The more relaxed your workplace is, the more your employees will enjoy being there. The above tips are some of the simplest and most effective ways of making your workplace more relaxing.

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