Scope of Event Management as a Career in India in 2021

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Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree for students interested in working in the business industry. This course can equip students with the knowledge and skills related to strategic marketing and other communication tools used by an organization to run a business. BBA in event management program deals in training the students on management skills to plan, organize and market events.

The growing business and communication industry has open new avenues for event management graduates. Event Management is a process where professionals plan, create and execute an event. A degree in event management can acquaint you with the skillset latest to the modern business industry.

The scope of event management in India is immense as it is one of the fastest-growing industries, with an increasing demand for professional managers. These events are very efficient communication tools that cater to business promotions. 

Organizing an effective and profitable event is essential to accord with diverse and interrelated factors like budget, technical aspects, human resource issues, etc. A graduate in event management could handle these factors by applying the knowledge gained during the academic learning process.

This program aims to enhance the development of interpersonal skills and personality, which plays an integral part in the success of an event manager. Event management involves creating and developing events that require a lot of research about the brand, concept of the event, target audience, etc., before the actual execution of the event.

Events are classified into numerous categories: business and trade events, educational and scientific events, sports events, cultural events, celebrations, etc. These events are outsourced to event management companies that plan and coordinate the event to fulfill its purpose successfully.

The advancement of technology has led to innovation that does not demand physical movement to attend an event. The introduction of virtual live events, live webinars, or pre-recorded events has shifted the event management industry to digital platforms. However, virtual events can be organized very efficiently.

Event management as a career is a multifaceted activity that requires skills like:

  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Networking skills
  • Management skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Analytical ability

A well-built event management course can equip you with the skills and knowledge that are the latest in industry trends. The program can enhance your employability that can lead to successful career paths in the event management industry. After pursuing an event management course, the graduates can apply to work in the following positions:

  • Public Relations (PR): PR deals with the public and press organizations and plans for general strategies and campaigns.
  • Event planner: The role of an event planner is to create strategies and structure on which the actual can be executed.
  • Event manager: An event manager has multiple tasks to perform. They are responsible for workflow, logistical support and ensures timely deliverance of the undertaken projects.
  • Event legal executive: The event legal executives handle all the court proceedings and take charge of the company’s legal documentation and the event.

The creative field of event management can shape your career. India has to offer plenty of opportunities in the event managing sector, and with a degree in hand, you become eligible to take the role of an event manager. It is a growing sector in India with high employment opportunities in the public and private sectors. Sign in now to know more about the course!

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