Influence of Western Fashion on People across the Globe

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Fashion is a social phenomenon that, as such, is structured as a result of the culture and different customs that humanity is generating. It is not static, but rather dynamic, having to constantly adapt to new generations and the trends that emerge throughout history.

On other occasions we have referred to the role that the United States fashion industry has played in terms of protecting designs, as well as how they have used the film and television industry to disseminate the industry and its various models. Business, its brands like Vlone and iconic products, being an important influence on Western culture. Although, in technological matters we could talk about the great advances that have been achieved in Japan or China and how they have been applied in those countries to bring fashion and retail closer to consumers – at the level of production, logistics and stores-, in This opportunity we want to refer to the digital world and, in particular, to social networks. It is no coincidence that the United States is the point of origin for platforms and Apps.

The Trends in Fashion and Rrss

At a first glance, social networks could come to be considered trends, but at this point in history, it is no longer correct to catalog them that way, because they have become an essential tool in our lives with which we live every day. It is more correct to say that social networks, in a general sense, are not a trend, but are used according to trends.

Trend First: Experience More Than a Product

The companies that own the most relevant brands in the world of fashion are very clear that the generations that today generate more purchases and that are, therefore, relevant customers, do not seek to acquire material goods with a domain purpose (“having”), but rather they seek to live experiences that are pleasant, different, that allow them to generate unique and special moments. Thus we see generations that are spending more money traveling, enjoying good cuisine, enjoying an afternoon at the spa or with friends.

Personalization of Experiences

A second global trend, which the new generations are taking, which goes very hand in hand with the one previously indicated, is the desire to be considered as individuals rather than as numbers of a mass (this does not remove the sense of community that is has also generated a trend).

How does it materialize in the fashion industry? Through a unique treatment of each person and, reflected in the products, in their personalization. This is the reason for the growing trend for brands to offer customers the ability to initialize or participate in the design of the products they will buy. This is how luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Travis scott merch have done with their accessory products and, in another segment, Nike and its sports shoes. In men’s fashion this has been reflected with the increase in men’s brands that have once again offered tailoring and made-to-measure services.

The Value of Video in the Fashion Industry

When talking about this trend, we clarify that we will not refer only to Fashion Films. Although they have been important to show the spirit of the brand and give it an aura of art and culture that customers ask for today, its ability to become massive has not been as expected as other audiovisual exhibitions. However, they continue to be developed and used in an innovative way for sale, as Zara has done in recent months with the Scenes project.


Taking Advantage of Social Media

By way of conclusion, although the world trends in the fashion industry can be many more, the three aforementioned are those that are more linked to social networks, a mass communication medium that any company, start-up or brand can take advantage of. For the benefit of your business. This has been done in the United States and in the Western world, some more successfully than others.

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