Role of Social Media as Part of Omnichannel Customer Experience

Use Social Media


Omni channel is a sales approach that seeks in providing customers with a shopping experience that is seamless depending on whether they do shop online from a mobile device or desktop, mortar store, or in a brick. When developing a strategy of marketing, one needs to meet customer expectations and providing the highest level of standards possible. Everything that is happening from social media; currently, it is evident that businesses belonging to the stakeholders should aim to acknowledge the role played by omni channel for the customers. Therefore, social media plays a significant role as far as offering amazing customer service is concerned.

Improving brand awareness

Social media aims to enhance brand awareness in particular to seamless customer interaction other than just seeking a better price. Customer experience makes a difference for them since they don’t put much consideration on the cost of the product through omni channel platform. Direct channels of communication are opened up by social media, enhancing the customer’s love and share their experience regarding the particular product in place. In creating brand awareness, it is evident that there is an increase in brand visibility compared to the traditional marketing methods by a half.

Social media networks establish a hotline for customers since it is much cheaper, giving the customers a platform of asking questions which it may not be applicable in asking the support service. Moreover, social media has gone ahead in influencing and continuing to have a more substantial impact on the corporate ideology, making such an ideology having a competitive advantage.

According to leading social media company Dubai, social platforms have an important role to play in branding. This is because, social media allows audiences to interact, engage and share information with the brand and the target audiences. Businesses who are looking to create affordable and sustainable models of branding should try to pursue an aggressive social media marketing strategy. Social media platforms also give smaller brands a great opportunity to take on the bigger brands.

Creation of free customer interaction

Customers often feel much open using social media compared when they are acquiring the services from an office. Consumers use this kind of social media to have a conversation with their family and friends in expressing their personal lives. As such kind, the customers go ahead using social media as a platform of interacting with the business owners and adapting the digital messaging strategy in meeting the expectations of the customer. Evolving of consumer demand is quite difficult for the business in the management of expectations of the customer across a number of omni channel messaging platforms. Social media platforms allow them to ask questions that interest them as well as expressing their opinion, which is very significant for any entrepreneur aiming to grow according to the wishes of the customers.

Customer registration on the social network and page opening will allow you to acquire information about what the customers think in regards to the products and services hence reducing additional cost significantly. Social media should, therefore, be used in knowing if the customer is satisfied or not and how much time was used to making a purchase decision, especially who they do consult and also who gets their recommendations.

Since social media is a vital part of the channel of communication, which is a primary element of business digitalization, it allows the customer to switch between channels without having serious consequences and receiving personalized service at the same time.


Any company or business organization that aims to improve the focus of its customer service should have that kind of understanding of choosing a variety of channels that are convenient through the use of social media hence retaining the client. Consumer nowadays has put much concentration on the use of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter in finding more information about a particular product.

In the world today, the primary indicator of customer care reflection has a high-class product even though there is a profusion of modern communication channels. The products need to be of high quality to compete favorably in the market and having good customer service.

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