Rediscover Real Treasure of Adventures in India

Treasure of Adventures

The sheer diversity of climate, terrain and natural attractions across India can be challenging enough for any tourists, more so for the adventure loving lot. The cultural and historic attractions of those places are like icing on the cake. From enticing vast sand dunes to steep mountainous terrains and lush green river valleys, there are enough places in India for satiating your love for adventure and exploration. Both men and women with adventure loving spirit and enchant for the wild over laid back relaxation, can try these options.

Listed below are some adventure sport activities that you can try in various places in India and have a truly memorable experience:

  • Rafting or Kayaking- India is replete with rivers and most if those have origins in the steep mountains and glaciers. So, those fond of rafting or kayaking in strong river current across mountainous slopes have plenty of options. The rivers of northeast India and north India are ideal for kayaking, especially Teesta, Brahmaputra. Of course, various parts of the Ganges are used by kayaking lovers throughout the year. You may also head to southern and western parts of India for rafting. Two ideal choices are river Kali in Dandeli and River Barapole in Karnataka.
  • Heli Skiing- It is one of the newer adventure sports activities that have gained momentum in the last decade in India. The thrill of being flown by a helicopter to high altitude places that are not easily accessible otherwise and indulging in skiing is something you will relish for a long time. Kullu-Manali is among the most sought after destinations for Heli skiing. Rohtang-pass is the most popular destination for the skiing lovers. However, a lot of Heli skiing fans also head to the beautiful and serene mountain valley of Kashmir, Gulmarg.
  • Scuba diving- If you have always been curious about the underwater wildlife and love exploring the coral reef up close, scuba diving is what you need to do. It offers a different kind of thrill than adventure activities you perform on land, as it is. Swimming with beautiful fishes, marine creatures and exploring aquatic fauna is quite enthralling- to say the least. There are several scuba diving destinations in India, but most people head to either Goa or Andaman and Nicobar islands. Places close to Port Blair such as Neil Island and Havelock Island are perfect for experiencing scuba diving. Goa’s Grand Island is also thronged by veteran scuba divers. You may also choose Cardamom Islands near Lakshadweep.
  • Cave exploring– This is an adventure sport faint hearted lot must steer clear of. Exploring dimly lit or dark caves under mountain tunnels where bat colonies and rodents exist can be quite challenging. In Meghalaya you can explore some such caves. They have amazing limestone formations inside and you should explore the famous Krem Liat Prah. Less adventurous lots may head to popular caves with adequate amenities like Bagh Caves of MP and Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra. Odisha’s famous Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves,located near Bhubaneshwar also deserve a mention here.
  • Biking/bicycling– For exploring certain regions in India, it is better to resort to biking or bicycling rather than opting for the services of a tour company. One such example is the Manali Leh route –despite the difficult terrain and weather hazards. The scenic beauty and regional gourmet are mind blowing. You may also choose the lesser known routes like Mumbai to Daman. The off the beaten track will let you explore beaches, forts. Of course, there are less challenging routes like Rameshwaram and Chennai to Pondicherry link, each having its own charm.
  • Camel and Yak Safaris– If you love animals and want them to be part of adventure travel, camel and yak safaris fit your bill the best! Exploring the sand dunes of Rajasthan riding on the humped animals is a thrilling experience for anyone. Riding yaks in areas of Gangtok, or in the picturesque Spiti Valley of Himachal can be a great experience too.

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