Quick Guide: Expanding the eCommerce Business Internationally

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Consumers are all over the world. A majority of them seek efficient products and services suitable for their needs. That’s why expanding the eCommerce business internationally is a wise decision. But not all don’t know how to grow outside their country. Luckily, there is a quick guide for you to enter the international markets. 

Assess opportunity 

Before anything else, conduct an analysis. See to it which products are most likely to sell in the overseas marketplace. 

Do it by using high-level search engine optimization. Keyword research finds web traffic. It gives merchants data on which countries have the most international consumers. Thus, enlightening you on which opportunity can increase your sales. 

Also, look into the demand and local buying trends. It helps business owners in developing target markets. Understand the consumer’s spending patterns. Get to know how online shoppers make large purchases in international markets. Don’t forget to check out the holidays of each country. 

Furthermore, know possible competitions. Proper assessment of potential demands in other companies helps. As a result, you become more prepared when expanding the eCommerce business internationally. 

Build a strategic marketing plan

The planning stage is a crucial matter. It makes or breaks when expanding the eCommerce business internationally.

Strategize Market Entry

Everything planned works well. It might take time, but the results might exceed expectations. So, take all the pieces together. For example, include the payment methods for both the overseas and local markets. Also, optimize the website on mobile. Finally, prepare the customer service teams to be ready when needed. 

Plan Logistics

3PL services are the best partner when expanding the eCommerce business internationally. It ensures that overseas shipping options are safe and secure. Also, it is always ready to roll once there are orders. So, pair up with reputable ones like Red Stag Fulfillment Center.  They can deliver anything, even Pop A Shot. The company handles even international returns without damaging the profit margin. 

Furthermore, it is a dedicated 3PL warehouse and fulfillment service. For any mishaps, it pays you instead. Thus, guaranteeing the best services cut above the rest. 

With strategic planning, business expansion outside the country is workable. Having the best fulfillment center as your partner is a bonus. 

Test the international market

After research and planning, dip your toes in the water. Instead of going all in, start small. An eCommerce venture is like a growing child. It crawls and walks before it finally takes a run.  The gradual increase of intensity is better than a soaring high of success. 

As an example, introduce international shipment in the shop. Offer options like DHL, FedEx, USPS, and UPS. It helps consumers set shipping expectations about tariffs and duties. Also, it gauges their interest more. It reduces potential returns but increases sales. 

Concentrate on user experience

Buyers are the utmost priority. So, focus on their online shopping experience. Add user-friendly features to your shop site. Include all the information customers need. Put a detailed description of every product. Images must be clear enough. Ensure that there are easy-to-tap buttons for seamless mobile shopping. 

Moreover, consider your target consumer’s culture. It brings a massive positive impact when expanding the eCommerce business internationally. Online shoppers feel extra special and valued by the variety of products offered. 

Open a social media

In the current digital world, people get updates through social media. So, it is an intelligent decision to create a social media account. Moreover, being visible on social networks increases the audience of the product. 

Use social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like. It generates a global following of a brand. Also, it is easier to get and engage with international customers. Target customers feel the sincerity with localized messages. Plus, it embeds your brand in the local’s consciousness. 

Consider eCommerce expansion internationally with the specific social network in their country. For example, VKontakte is like Facebook in Russia, while Taringa is in Latin America. QQ is a typical social networking site in China. 

Offer international shipping

International shipment plays a vital role in business expansion. Make it work well by considering several factors. 

Automate Process

Selling items overseas is such a daunting task. Customer declarations and harmonization codes are some of these responsibilities. Ease the burden of accomplishing it with tools and services suitable for the shop’s needs. 

A fulfillment center can streamline the entire process of international online selling. It saves the merchant’s time. Also, it reduces the possible obstacle of eCommerce expansion. It is like what Red Stag Fulfillment does. 

Reliable Shipping Provider

Expanding the eCommerce business internationally needs a trusted carrier. It ensures that the transfer of order information is seamless. That’s why it’s essential to look for a reputable international courier. Don’t go on with the first one you found. 

Make a comparison of every delivery service available in the target country market. Then, differentiate the rates and choose which suits you best in your products. Finally, use an effective tool like the rate calculator. It helps see all the rates of each provider. Thus, it aids in your decision which to trust. 

Accurate Tracking  

When expanding the eCommerce business internationally, tracking the route of packages is normal. It provides an assurance and branded experience for the buyers. Also, the estimation of the delivery date allows them to set expectations. 

Before, customers had no idea what their package went through upon arrival. But with a packing slip, label, or quality email lets them understand the entire journey. Include a brand’s logo to put your items, too. 

Shipping orders overseas is a risky venture. But a legitimate fulfillment center makes everything flow at ease. It doesn’t only assist with package transfer. Instead, it helps from the preparation of orders, packaging, and up to delivery. 

Check the progress

In global expansion, it’s essential to track the numbers. It helps in assessing whether the company moves forward or not. The increase in sales numbers is an obvious metric. But there are other factors to check. For example, some show if your brand gains acceptance in a particular country. 

Check out the website traffic and social media following. Also, observe active repeat buyers. It shows if the brand entered the new international market successfully. Besides, don’t stop seeing good results. Be always on the move and consistent. Seek improvement even though you’re already on the right track. 

Global expansion may hit some bumps along the way. But knowing how to do it saves you a few steps backward. So, take note of this quick guide. Then, follow the tips on expanding the eCommerce business internationally. 

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