How To Grow Your eCommerce Store Sales with Amazon SEO Experts

Amazon SEO Experts


Amazon’s search engine is governed by the A9 algorithm, which makes its SEO a little complex. To take advantage of the huge traffic on Amazon, sellers need to find ways to outsmart the competition and rank high on search engine result pages. An expert SEO strategy can help you gain this edge. While vendors need to focus on core responsibilities, keeping their listings optimized gets tough. This article will inform you how engaging an Amazon SEO agency can help you rank high on SERP and win over the competition. Read more for insights.

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Amazon has more than two million third-party sellers (apart from first-party brands) striving for their share of buyers, making Amazon a highly competitive marketplace. Listing your store on the eCommerce giant isn’t enough to achieve success. As a seller, you need to reach out to prospective buyers to leverage the platform’s huge consumer traffic. SEO is the best way to do that organically and cost-effectively. However, it requires careful understanding of the Amazon ranking algorithm and may distract you from other core activities.

Engaging Amazon SEO experts is an intelligent option to gain a competitive edge in this market without disrupting any other critical activity. Let’s find out how that works!

How Does Amazon SEO Work?

Search engine Optimization (SEO) on Amazon is based on the platform’s algorithm, called Amazon A9. It is slightly different from Google search algorithms. Since most search queries on Amazon are transactional, its ranking algorithm assesses the chances of a product page in converting a seller against a particular search query. It also checks how well a product page answers such a query. To do so, it checks factors, like product title, description content, keyword usage, product price, seller performance history, etc. 

How Can SEO Experts or An External Amazon SEO Agency Help You?

An Amazon SEO agency can take over SEO management for your eStore. They usually maintain a team of SEO experts who can create a strategy as per your product and buyer’s persona. Based on this strategy, an action plan is formulated to get you higher ranks on Amazon SERP. They can also perform competitor analysis and buyer behavior analysis. Using such a remote resource will free your team to focus on other account management aspects.

Here are a few common tasks that Amazon SEO experts can handle.

➔  SEO Audit

If you already have your Amazon store, an SEO expert will begin by conducting an audit of your product listing. It will help them identify any technical flaws and inefficiencies. An SEO audit will help experts find a strategy that can be implemented to improve your Amazon ranks.

➔  Keyword Research

SEO professionals use the needed tools and techniques to find the most relevant keywords for you. They will analyze competitors and consumers to conclude the list of long-tail keywords that will help you rank high. Though the A9 algorithm does not work like Google, keywords still play an important role in finalizing SERPs. For Amazon stores, the keywords should be aligned as per the buyer’s attributes, and SEO experts will find phrases that best suit your product listing.

➔  Competitor Analysis

To get an edge over your competition, analyzing their strategy is important for Amazon. Experienced SEO professionals know how to find loopholes in competitors’ SEO strategies to get your listing the desired rank. It is done by studying your competitor’s keywords, content, and advertisements. It also helps keep your SEO updated and always ahead of the competition, maintaining high ranks on SERP.

➔  Title Optimization

Sellers should be very careful in creating product listing titles, as the Amazon A9 algorithm is very much influenced by your title. A good listing title is supposed to have the product’s unique selling proposition and the most important keyword. It should be relevant as per the buyer’s perspective, and keywords should not be overstuffed. Amazon SEO experts can create succinct titles that will help your product listing in search results.

➔  Improve Images

Product images are one of the factors that create the first impression on a buyer and deeply influence decisions. Amazon vendors must hire image editors or learn retouching skills to create attractive product photos. However, if you hire Amazon SEO experts, they can help you refine photos into high-quality professional images that appease prospective consumers. These professionals can edit background, lighting, color, contrast, and remove objects that divert buyers’ attention.

➔  Optimize Product Description

SEO professionals are well acquainted with Amazon’s A9 algorithm and policy. They sketch out a well-optimized product listing with bullet points, infographics, and other essential elements. Amazon SEO agency professionals optimize your description with the right mix of long-tail and primary keywords with the most effective volume and proximity. They make sure the listing is valuable to consumers, using the buyer’s persona in creating the final content.

➔  Manage Reviews

Outsourcing SEO services to professionals can help you with the most challenging aspect of Amazon listing, i.e., review/feedback generation. SEO experts manage to gain reviews through engagement and polite interactions with consumers.

➔  Monitor and Report

A good Amazon SEO agency will monitor your account and send you updated regular reports. Conducting SEO audits and regular monitoring will help you establish a constant ranking. It also keeps you ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency

The benefits of outsourcing SEO of your Amazon store are not limited to improving ranking on SERP. The following are some advantages of hiring an Amazon SEO agency:

  • Helps achieve better visibility and brand awareness.
  • Amazon SEO experts understand the A9 algorithm and the platform’s policies.
  • They can help you improve seller ranking and win the best seller badge.
  • Engaging an Amazon SEO agency saves the time you would have spent training and hiring staff.
  • It is cost-effective as you don’t need to set up the infrastructure or buy hardware and software subscriptions. Training and hiring costs are also saved.
  • It gives access to advanced SEO tools and techniques.
  • Access to experienced SEO experts.
  • It reduces your ad spending.
  • It gives you time to focus on core competencies.


Online store management is a complex job in itself; outsourcing to an Amazon SEO agency is an intelligent choice that helps you address the crucial issue of generating leads. However, you should research well and analyze the agency’s strengths and weaknesses before engaging any such resource or company.

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