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The automated buying and selling of online ad space are the defining characteristic of Programmatic Advertising, a revolutionary approach to digital marketing. Programmatic advertising uses sophisticated algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize and streamline the purchasing of advertisements as opposed to manually negotiating contracts and rates.

Gourmet Ads is a leader in Programmatic Advertising, offering dependable and varied solutions to brands, agency trading desks,  and demand-side platforms. We have significantly advanced since our establishment in 2008 in terms of transforming how companies interact with their clients. We customize each ad to meet the particular needs of the platform, paying particular attention to the display, mobile, video, and native ads.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

The automation of online advertising sales and purchases is the simplest definition of programmatic advertising. In recent years, the phrase “Real Time Bidding” has been superseded by the more general term “Programmatic Advertising”. This kind of automation streamlines the advertising process, which makes carrying out transactions simpler and more efficient. Programmatic advertising relies on ad exchanges since they enable marketers to take part in real-time ad inventory auctions.

Advertisers compete for ad spaces that are available across a broad network of websites and applications using real-time bidding, which is similar to an online auction. When a webpage loads, a procedure determines which advertisement will be shown to a particular user.

Advantages of Programmatic Advertising

  • The ability to target audiences accurately is one of Programmatic Advertising’s key advantages. In order to provide highly relevant ads, it leverages a wealth of data, including user surfing habits, demographic data, hobbies, and more.
  • By ensuring that messages are delivered to the intended audience and reducing wasteful spending on advertising, brands may improve return on investment.
  • Programmatic advertising also offers advertisers unprecedented transparency and control. Based on real-time data and performance metrics, advertisers may alter their strategy.

Managed Programmatic Services

Managed Programmatic Services are an effective, efficient, and cost-effective way for organizations to streamline their digital advertising operations. These services use technology, data, and human skills to automate, optimize, and personalize real-time advertising campaigns. As a result, marketers can reach their target demographic more effectively and efficiently, increasing conversion rates and ROI.

Through an automated, data-driven procedure, Managed Programmatic Services streamline the digital advertising process. This type of service is offered by Gourmet Ads, a business with a track record of success in providing effective solutions to companies and their advertising agencies dating back to 2008. Managed programmatic services may deliver personalized ad experiences to the right audience at the right time by utilizing real-time bidding and artificial intelligence.

The strategic and tactical expertise of Gourmet Ads and their presence on three continents worldwide guarantee ongoing campaign monitoring and fast campaign optimization. In turn, this maximizes the effectiveness of advertisements, raises conversion rates, and yields a larger return on investment. By transforming data into useful insights and offering value to both advertisers and customers, Gourmet Ads’ Managed Programmatic Services guarantee a seamless, effective, and efficient advertising process.

Private Marketplace (PMP) Deals

Private Marketplace (PMP) Deals are an important part of Programmatic Advertising. They represent an exclusive digital marketplace for the purchase and sale of high-quality ad inventory and specialized audience segments. Select advertisers to benefit from ‘first look’ or preferential access to premium ad spaces on the publisher’s website through PMP partnerships, considerably increasing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

The assurance of brand-safe inventory is a fundamental benefit of PMP deals. Furthermore, by utilizing smart deals, PMP deals promote the optimization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This allows advertisers to monitor and alter their campaigns efficiently, ensuring they meet their goals and maximize their return on investment.

Smart Deals

With the help of Data Science and Machine Learning, Smart Deals represent an advancement in Programmatic Marketplaces (PMPs), optimizing the advertising process. The Appnexus Ad Server uses these algorithms to analyze and react in real time to campaign Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Smart Deals, in contrast to conventional deals, automate the delivery of ads to the right demographics at the appropriate times by using dynamic, data-driven decision-making.

Programmatic Guaranteed

Programmatic Guaranteed is a systematic approach to ad buying that involves the setting up of a direct agreement between the advertiser and the publisher. This strategy provides a predetermined number of impressions for the advertiser’s ad at a predetermined price, combining the precision of programmatic advertising with the reliability of traditional media buying.

It offers the advantages of programmatic efficiency and automation, as well as the security of reserved, premium ad places. Advertisers can gain exclusive access to high-quality inventory, while publishers can increase income by selling their most valued ad spaces in advance. This fusion of old and new advertising approaches provides predictability, improved targeting, and simpler procedures. In contrast to standard PMPs, Deals, or Deal IDs, Gourmet Ads allows customers to lock in Programmatic Guaranteed on a “One to One” basis with Higher Priority.

Curated Deals

A scalable option provided by Gourmet Ads is known as Curated Deals. Our managed Supply Deals, which are often put up in Appnexus, are slightly different from the curated deals. Completely customized and brand-safe are curated deals. Curated Deals offer possibilities across display, video, mobile web, and mobile app platforms and can be specially customized according to your needs as opposed to generic supply deals.

Open Exchange

With the help of Xandr Member ID 1792, Gourmet Ads provides an Open Exchange Marketplace that gives programmatic buyers direct access to our inventory through Open Auctions that operate behind our PMPs and Deal IDs. Our Open Exchange’s pricing structure in Xandr uses a second price auction. It serves mostly purchasers who rely on conventional IAB sizes like 728×90, 300×250, 320×50, or 160×600 and who either use their own data or do not require further targeting as part of Gourmet Ads and in partnership with Appnexus. Despite its highly competitive environment and a large pool of pre-approved buyers, CPMs can surpass those of pre-negotiated private marketplaces or deals.


For programmatic advertisers to gauge how visible their ads are to their intended audience, viewability is a key performance indicator (KPI). For the purpose of optimizing this measure, Gourmet Ads, a programmatic advertising platform, provides two innovative options. Advertisers have the option of customizing their campaigns to a specific viewability level, such as 70%, or choose to make transactions with 100% viewability. For customized advertising experiences, both choices are put into practice using Private Marketplace Deals (PMPs).

Programmatic Marketing

In the world of digital advertising, programmatic marketing is an innovative approach that has many advantages over traditional online marketing techniques. This approach offers a higher level of control and transparency, bridging a gap that conventional marketing approaches frequently fail to address.

With its emphasis on privacy, programmatic marketing provides real-time information about the distribution of your ads and the accuracy of your target demographic selection. This helps advertisers identify who their real audience is. Programmatic marketing platforms are rapid and efficient, and they allow you to track the impact of your campaigns in real-time.

Our international staff has a wealth of expertise in programmatic advertising methods. Since 2012, we have extensive knowledge of both demand-side and supply-side platforms. Gourmet Ads provides a full range of programmatic services, from establishing deals to managing advertising campaigns.

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